Trudeau opposes parents being told if schools are “transitioning” their kids: “We have to stand against this!”

By Jonathon Van Maren

LGBT activists have conquered every Canadian institution — but according to the government, the movement is facing a “rising tide of hate” — a phrase used by both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other members of his government. The LGBT movement has nearly all of its events funded by various levels of government, including “Pride” events, and the federal government is giving “up to $1.5 million to Pride organizations across the country for increased security measures at parades and other events.”

Where is this “rising tide of hate” coming from? You won’t hear it from mainstream sources, but the major protests in Canada recently have been led by Muslim immigrants, including a major standoff between LGBT activists and parents in which children stomped on Pride flags in Ottawa. The rest of the backlash is largely a grift facilitated by a movement that needs to portray themselves as victims to continue pushing its agenda.

It goes something like this.

Activists paint rainbow crosswalk on main street. Some Canadians say: “We don’t much like that.” The Trudeau government: “This is a rising tide of hate.” The media announces: “Fascism returns to Canada as tire marks were identified on a crosswalk on the road where cars drive.” (This isn’t hyperbole, by the way. The City of Waterloo released this statement on June 9: “We’re sad to report that the rainbow crosswalk on Willis Way was vandalised with tire marks. There is no place for hate in Waterloo. Crews have been working hard to clean things up and give the crosswalk a fresh shine for now, with a full restoration coming soon.” Yeah, the road was “vandalised with tire marks.” What a joke.)

It is essential that Canadians recognize the LGBT movement’s real agenda, which is not about equality — it is incredibly radical. As I noted earlier this week, New Brunswick recently made a small, common-sense move to restore parental rights by stating that parents had to be involved if school staff planned to socially transition children. This is, as Premier Blaine Higgs noted, a very common-sense policy. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, however, targeted parents as dangerous almost immediately while speaking Thursday night at the Rainbow Railroad Freedom Party in Toronto, an LGBT organization.

“Far-right political actors are trying to outdo themselves with the types of cruelty and isolation they can inflict on these already vulnerable people,” Trudeau stated. “Right now, trans kids in New Brunswick are being told they don’t have the right to be their true selves, that they need to ask permission. Well, trans kids need to feel safe, not targeted by politicians. We have to stand against this. We have to stand up for the freedoms we believe in and continue our work of letting love be louder than hate.”

It is so important to understand what the prime minister is saying here: He is stating that involving parents is “targeting” children. This is Justin Trudeau “targeting” parents as a danger to their own children. Premier Higgs responded well: “To take a hardline approach on either side without really focusing on the balance will only continue to create a divide, and it’s unfortunate the prime minister wouldn’t look at the big picture and understand that parents play a role in a child’s upbringing.”

How did it become controversial in Canada to say that “parents play a role in a child’s upbringing”?

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, meanwhile, responded to a question about New Brunswick’s policy change by saying that he will leave education policy to the provinces. The Conservative Party talks a good game about “fighting woke,” but when it comes to actual issues, few will speak out. This needs to be said clearly: Any Conservative politician who does not support the right of parents to know what school staff are doing with their children is useless.

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