Here’s why many Canadian parents have finally had enough with Pride Month at school

By Jonathon Van Maren

Progressive commentators and politicians seem confused about why so many Canadian parents are angry as protests against “Pride” activities erupt in cities across the country. A small sampling of recent press coverage should be helpful and instructive in facilitating some understanding.  

Grade 9 students in Saskatchewan were exposed to sex education that included a series of “A to Z” flashcards of various sexual behaviors they might be interested in. For example, “K is for Kink,” which came with this description: 

Non-traditional sex. What’s non-traditional to one might not be to another. For some, being restrained with a ball gag, while being tickled by their hooded master is an everyday occurrence. What do you consider kinky? 

Or the card reading “R is for Raw Sex,” which advises the Grade 9 students: 

Anal sex without a condom. Avoid it if possible, as you’ll be at a high risk for getting or passing on HIV and STIs. If you do decide to go condom-less, use lots of lube and get tested regularly for HIV and STIs. 

Any politician or journalist who does not understand why parents might be appalled by this sort of “education”—and many of the other cards are worse—has entirely lost the plot. In response to outcry, Saskatchewan’s education minister banned Planned Parenthood from presenting in schools. Here is how CTV covered that story: “Planned Parenthood shocked after being suspended from Saskatchewan schools.” The reality is that plenty of LGBT books and sex-ed curriculum materials currently being used in public schools contain equally disturbing material, often accompanied by graphic illustrations. 

Indeed, whenever any politician tries to stick up for parents, they face immediate attack from the Canadian elites. The common-sense move by Premier Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick to involve parents in any decision to “socially transition” gender-confused children at school, for example, has provoked foam-flecked vitriol from progressives and almost total silence from conservatives.  

Canada’s state broadcaster is not even attempting to address parental concerns—instead, they are focused on backing Higgs’ critics and insisting that parental rights are dangerous. On June 22, for example, the CBC published an explainer titled “5 questions answered about the LGBTQ school policy debate.” Their first question, posed to hand-selected, pro-LGBT medical professionals, made no attempt to even acknowledge that the policy might be necessary: “How does making it mandatory to tell parents about pronoun and name changes hurt children?” 

Good grief. 


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