Pride Month in Canada

By Jonathon Van Maren

On June 8, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined other dignitaries on Parliament Hill for a formal raising of the ‘Pride’ flag, a solemn ceremony in which he promised yet more taxpayer money to the LGBT movement and insisted, once again, that the activists who own the country are facing a “rising tide of hate.” Last month, elites celebrated Pride across the West—the White House flew the LGBT flag alongside the Star and Stripes; in the UK, the Union Jack was taken down and replaced with the Pride flag—but Trudeau’s commitment to the movement is second to none. His government spent $108,594,964 in 2022 on ‘LGBTQ’ ideology in 2022 alone.

As Carl Trueman noted recently: “How do you take over an empire?” The answer: “You simply need to control time and space.” If you have any doubt that the LGBT movement has done that, take a walk in any town or city in the month of June. Colonizers always come with flags, and the rainbow flaps everywhere—even from the spires of many collaborating churches.

Canada’s shame

Nowhere is that truer than Canada. The Trudeau government is not satisfied with merely celebrating Pride Month, and so they have announced Pride Season, which the government website says “takes place during the summer months, from June through to September” and “is an opportunity to recognize, celebrate, and learn more about the countless contributions Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and additional sexually and gender-diverse identities (2SLGBTQI+) Canadians have made to the Department of National Defence (DND), the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), and to the country.” For four months, Canadians are inundated by this taxpayer-funded “opportunity,” which the government doesn’t mean to imply is voluntary.

Canada’s taxpayer-funded state broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, also kicks into full gear. This, for example, is an actual headline from CBC Kids: “Just in time for Pride Month, learn what 2SLGBTQQIPAA+ stands for.” The kids, incidentally, are already learning that in school. It is mandatory in most public schools—including Catholic schools—to feature ‘Pride activities’ ranging from celebrations of sexual diversity to reading stories about LGBT figures. These activities begin in kindergarten. At the Toronto Pride Parade, the nation’s largest, children are exposed to naked middle-aged men and a wide range of obscene sexual displays. Not so very long ago, Canadians would be appalled at the idea of adults exposing themselves to children. Now, the CBC says that at Pride, “your kids will probably see boobs and penises”—but that people should “consider the experience as a great opportunity for some interesting discussion.”

A government-funded media outlet promoting children seeing adult male genitals as “a great opportunity for interesting discussion” may now be the norm, but previous generations would have viewed this sort of thing with horror and contempt.

What distinguishes Canada from most other countries is the near-total lack of conservative opposition. When the Catholic school board in York Region, Ontario, declined to fly the Pride flag, Premier Doug Ford—leader of the Progressive Conservative Party—promised to march in the York Pride Parade in solidarity with LGBT activists. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe of the allegedly conservative Saskatchewan Party tweeted that “Pride Month serves as an opportunity for all of us to recognize and support a part of our diversity that makes Saskatchewan such a great place.” Alberta Premier Danielle Smith of the United Conservative Party promised to address “2SLGBTQIA+ Albertan’s concerns” and commit to “tangible action,” while Pierre Poilievre of the federal Conservative Party released a celebratory Pride statement.

Those are Canada’s conservative leaders. Most of them, if asked privately, will admit they think much of this stuff is bunk, just as the UK’s Tory prime minister, Rishi Sunak, was recently caught privately joking that his political opponent, who insisted that some women have penises, needed a lesson in biology. But the fact that many of them aren’t true believers makes it worse, and renders their genuflecting to the LGBT flag particularly pathetic. These politicians claim to be the inheritors of Canada’s great conservative traditions while celebrating—and even attending—parades where oily men in bondage gear simulate sex acts in the street in front of children. Great prime ministers like John G. Diefenbaker would find this version of conservatism unrecognizable—and would be appalled by the amoral men and women claiming the mantle.


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