Canadian man who raped infant moved to prison with mother-baby unit after trans claim (& other stories)

A roundup of news and interviews from around the interwebs.


If you’re an abortion activist, the truth is your enemy. From the Catholic News Agency: “Group behind abortion initiative sues Ohio over use of ‘unborn child’ in ballot language.” An excerpt:

A group that is leading a ballot initiative to establish abortion rights in the Ohio Constitution sued state officials this week after a board finalized ballot language that uses the term “unborn child” rather than the group’s preference to use the term “fetus.”

Fetus is Latin for “young one,” and so essentially it means “unborn baby” in a different language. But the scientific terminology assists in obscuring the person being killed during an abortion, and thus abortion activists prefer it be used.


As Pornhub is rocked by scandal after scandal, policy experts are beginning to come around to the idea that restricting access—at least for kids—is a necessity. From The Hub: “Porn is bad for kids. Let’s make it harder for them to access”:

Conservative Members of Parliament with a socially conservative instinct to protect young people from over-sexualization and New Democrat Members of Parliament with a progressive instinct to limit the proliferation of content that is inherently exploitative could team up, as they did at the 2021 Parliamentary Committee, and push the government to focus its online harms bill on age-gating online pornography websites, using successful American legislation as a model.

Read the whole thing.


The latest celebrity to face an LGBT struggle session has offered a groveling apology: “Róisín Murphy apologises after puberty blocker comments: ‘My concern was out of love.’”

Her private Facebook comment which was screenshotted and subsequently went viral, read: “Puberty blockers are f*****, absolutely desolate, big pharma laughing all the way to the bank. Little mixed-up kids are vulnerable and need to be protected, that’s just true.” She pre-empted criticism, writing “please don’t call me a terf [trans-exclusionary radical feminist], please don’t keep using that word against women.”

For that she’s since had gigs cancelled and is facing massive backlash.


Welcome to Canada.


It is insane to me that Canadian politicians aren’t willing to run on this issue: “Man Who Raped Infant Quietly Moved to Prison with Mother-Baby Unit After Transgender Claim.”


More soon.

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