Pro-LGBT elites lie about Matthew Shepard’s murder to smear those who oppose their agenda

Twenty-five years after the murder of Matthew Shepard, the press, the politicians, and the president of the United States came out to repeat a propagandistic lie that has long been used to push for the criminalization of dissent from the LGBT agenda. As the Guardian put it: “Shepard’s death has long been memorialized as a hate crime that helped fuel the LGBTQ+ movement.” 

To commemorate the anniversary, President Joe Biden stated that Shepard was killed “simply for being himself” and called the murder “a brutal act of hate and violence that shocked our nation and the world.” According to Biden: “Matthew’s tragic and senseless murder shook the conscience of the American people. And his courageous parents, Judy and Dennis Shepard, turned Matthew’s memory into a movement, galvanizing millions to combat the scourge of anti-LGBTQ+ hate and violence in America.” 

Also according to Biden, Shepard is a martyr – and the anniversary of his death should provide an impetus for further enshrining the LGBT agenda into law: “I once again call on Congress to send the Equality Act to my desk so that we can ensure LGBTQ+ Americans have full civil rights protections under our laws – because every American is worthy of dignity, acceptance, and respect.” 

Matthew’s mother Judy echoed Biden’s sentiments in an interview with Katie Couric on NBC’s Today show, claiming that in America – eight years after same-sex “marriage” was imposed on all 50 states by the Supreme Court – it is still no better for LGBT people.  

Condemning GOP bills aimed at protecting children from the transgender medical industry, Shepard stated: “They’re still being denied basic rights, the community is, and the absolute outward showing of hate again, it’s just infuriating to me. All those who were fighting against the gay community, this is their last gasp. They know they’ve lost the war, but this battle is just the last, most vicious attack on the community … It’s already over. That’s what they don’t understand. They’re fighting a losing battle.” 

The problem with this politically potent narrative is that it is not true, and we have known that it is not true for years already. John Stonestreet detailed actual facts of the tragic story at LifeSiteNews ten years ago; the libertarian outlet Reason magazine also reviewed the details of Matthew Shepard’s murder for the anniversary in an essay titled “Matthew Shepard’s Murder Was Almost Certainly Not an Anti-Gay Hate Crime.” 


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