Transgender activists are using this classic strategy to numb the public to their radical agenda

Anyone who consumes digital media or uses social media will be familiar with “information overload.” What is less understood, however, is that information overload is also a strategy. 

If you want the public to believe something, simply hammer their senses with the same stories, over and over again. This leads to what is known as “the illusory truth effect,” which “refers to the human tendency to believe a claim or a piece of information to be true after being exposed to it multiple times.” The more we hear or read something, the more likely we are to believe it. 

This is one of the tactics currently being utilized by the transgender movement. Even in countries with aggressively pro-transgender laws – such as Canada, the UK, and the United States – most people do not accept most of the premises of the transgender movement. Most people simply do not think that men can get pregnant; that some women have penises; that we should simply dispense with sex-segregated spaces to cater to the identity issues of the few – especially when those few are men, and they want access to female-only spaces. To counter this, the press releases a nearly constant barrage of propaganda to wear down people’s resistance. 

Consider just a few recent examples, to illustrate the point. A story published on October 22 is titled “Trans girl aged 11 is youngest ever Orlando Pride marshal: ‘Living her best life.’” This 11-year-old boy who believes he is a girl is being encouraged by adults to live publicly as a girl – publicly, as in riding through the streets in Orlando’s Come Out With Pride Festival, attended by nearly 200,000 people. This little boy is being feigned as a “trans girl,” and make no mistake: the powers at Pride picked an 11-year-old on purpose. It is to rub it in everyone’s faces: “ You’re upset about children transitioning? We’re going to make a little trans kid the star of the show.” 

Another story from October 22, published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, takes a similar tack. This time, it is an essay once again condemning the decision of Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe to protect parental rights – by profiling a bunch of “transgender kids” and their parents, none of whom will actually be impacted by this law whatsoever. One student actually said: “This law is absolutely ridiculous and violating. How many more trans kids have to die before they realize that this isn’t OK?” That hasn’t happened, of course. No examples are provided; none could be found. But this is what the press does: over and over again, it asserts that involving parents in fundamental decisions about their children will make those children kill themselves. There is no evidence – and plenty to the contrary. But they say it so you’ll believe it. 

Or consider this story, in the Portland Press Herald , titled “Transgender girl makes history with victory at cross country regional.” The story features a photo of a male student outpacing the female contestants behind him, with the admiring caption: “Soren Stark-Chessa, a sophomore at Maine Coast Waldorf School, controlled the Class C South girls’ race from start to finish, with support from the crowd.” Well, you don’t say. A teen boy calling himself a girl beat the girls in a race for girls? And the cowed crowd – in Maine, of course – was supportive? No surprise there whatsoever. But the headline tells you what you’re supposed to think: this is a big deal. This is a good thing. This is history.


One thought on “Transgender activists are using this classic strategy to numb the public to their radical agenda

  1. Navi says:

    Only goes so far when you’re dealing with adults that have fully developed brains. Brainwashing kids is key to their strategy, which is why they start young.

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