Humanists UK is seeking to make LGBT education mandatory for all children

Humanists UK, an atheist organization, has been in the news quite a lot lately. They recently intervened in a high-profile case at the Belfast Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland after the Department of Education appealed a 2022 High Court ruling stating that “exclusively Christian RE [religious education] and worship” in schools was discrimination against non-Christian children, another judicial move to root out Christian heritage. Humanists UK dons the garb of neutrality, but the reality is that they wish to replace Christian values with other values.  

Their other campaigns give us an idea of what those values are. 

Nathan Stilwell, Humanists UK’s “assisted dying campaigner,” was in the Isle of Man last week stumping for euthanasia in the parliament, advocating that the proposed legislation be expanded from those who are terminally ill to “include individuals who are incurably and intolerably suffering.” Inevitably, of course, this will lead to a regime that preys on the disabled and the mentally ill, but Humanists UK reported that they are hopeful the Isle of Man will “adopt the most forward-thinking and compassionate law possible, similar to how the Isle of Man voted to introduce the most liberal abortion regime in the British Isles in 2018.” 

Their campaigns are a laundry list of attacks on the sanctity of human life, including lobbying for euthanasia; fighting for abortion access; and advocating “the use of human tissues such as embryonic stem cells in scientific research.” They are, predictably, in favor of the entire LGBT agenda and are currently campaigning to root Christianity out of schools (because Christianity is the problem, of course) and end faith schools entirely. They do, however, promote the U.K.’s “humanist heritage” with vigor. 

I note all of that as context for a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter) from this past summer that are worth highlighting as an admirably blunt expression of what secularists want. As religious belief and observance continue to decline, the secular agenda becomes increasingly viable. Organizations such as Humanists UK know this, and Christians should certainly be aware of this, as well – and be careful not to take any of our remaining rights and privileges for granted. They are under attack by people who believe that Christianity is fundamentally dangerous and that religious rights are fundamentally invalid.  

According to the Humanists UK, teaching their values to all children is neutral and good – but any other values are dangerous indoctrination: “Faith schools indoctrinate children – and the law encourages it. So-called ‘collective worship’ is a legal requirement in all schools, and that requirement is strictly followed in most faith schools. All children are at risk of indoctrination.” Consider: while children are being taught gender ideology as fact, Humanists UK believes that Christianity is the threat. Ironically, they also oppose “genital mutilation” – but only if it is being perpetrated for religious reasons. If a boy who thinks he’s a girl is castrated by adults, that is fine. So is a girl getting a double-mastectomy. If the irony weren’t so horrifying it’d be almost humorous. 

But Humanists UK – in the grand atheist tradition of forcing their values on others – wishes to ensure that their values are conveyed to every child in the U.K. via precisely the sort of indoctrination they claim to oppose. “Pupils are growing up in a diverse country, some of which will also be LGBT,” they stated. “Failure to teach about the existence of LGBT people or those with different beliefs not only makes a mockery of the law, but shows a disregard for the wellbeing of these children.” In short, the ideology of the LGBT movement must be taught to all children. The same argument – that because Christian children exist, Christianity should be taught to all children – would never be made, of course. 

There is no such thing as moral neutrality, only competing value systems. The values of Humanists UK include euthanasia and assisted suicide; the killing of children in the womb; gender ideology taught to children; and the removal of Christianity wherever it can be successfully rooted out. To ensure this, forced LGBT indoctrination in schools is one of their top priorities. They have the right to lobby for whatever they want – but let’s be clear and honest about what it is they wish to accomplish.  



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