Toronto “Pride” is a scandal: Children exposed to adult nudity and fetishism

Championing the LGBT movement has been one of Justin Trudeau’s great passions as prime minister, and true to form, he showed up at “Pride” this year once again. On June 30, he posted a photo of himself at a celebration to X with the caption: “Happy Pride, Toronto! Seeing so many people out in the Village openly celebrating love and freedom is a testament to how far we’ve come as a country. And it’s motivation — to keep fighting so that every single person can feel this proud and this free to be who they are.”

It is consistently mindboggling to me that Conservative politicians in Canada allow themselves to be hectored into a defensive posture on “Pride” celebrations when the reality is that they are not only obscene public displays of sexual fetishism — they are also annual occasions during which children are exposed to adult nudity. I’ve written this before, and so I may sound like a broken record — but it cannot be pointed out too often: A sane country would condemn, loudly and clearly, what happened in Toronto over the weekend. A sane Conservative Party wouldn’t be consistently on the defensive.

The big story out of Toronto “Pride” was the parade getting shut down by pro-Palestinian protesters on Sunday. But before that, the following was taken place (links are for evidentiary purposes only — I don’t advise clicking on any of them):

  • Fully nude adult men were walking down the street, stopping by the fence at the many children who were in attendance. Several of them shook their genitals. One hoisted a sign reading: “Life is short. Party. Be Bare. Be naked.” Plenty of men were taking his advice.
  • A man in a thong, leather corset and platform heels leading the floats approached a group of small children who were watching the spectacle unfold from the sidelines.
  • In addition to the male nudity, a group of “topless bisexuals and queers” — most of them middle-aged — marched, rather confusingly, for Gaza. These protesters were different than those who blocked the parade, also for Gaza. Coherence is not a strong suit here. Suits besides birthday suits would be most welcome.
  • Other men dressed in extremely explicit sexual costumes also strolled past children. Many of them openly flaunted their genitals.
  • One area of Toronto “Pride” featured a kiosk that advertised a nudist swimming club — that was offering free memberships to children.

That was all on June 30 and is only a snapshot of one of many similar events that unfolded across the country this past month. The following day, of course, was Canada Day. It was a reminder of the country we were — and the sort of country we have become. Not so long ago, Canada’s largest city bore the nickname “Toronto the Good.” Toronto was a moral — a Christian — city, where some department store owners would close the blinds of their stores on Sunday to keep the Sabbath and church attendance was a social norm. The moniker is now uttered with a sneer, and our politicians celebrate having left that country — and that city — long in the past.

But which Toronto was better? Toronto the Good, with its moral strictures and Christian social expectations? Or the Toronto in which nude homosexual men can stroll past little children to the cheers of parents? The Toronto in which the innocence of boys and girls can be sacrificed for the fictitious rights of promiscuous bisexuals to prance down the street in bondage gear? I wonder, if Canadians were polled and asked those questions, what the majority would say. I wonder how many people simply tolerate this publicly funded and public debauchery because they don’t feel that they can oppose it. I wonder how many, deep down, actually miss Toronto the Good.

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