Terrorist attack guards of National War memorial and Canadian Parliament

Police officers do a search of the area in front of National War Memorial on October 23, 2014, in Ottawa, Ontario the day after multiple shootings in the capital city and Parliament buildings, left a soldier dead and others wounded. Canada’s prime minister vowed the country would “not be intimidated” after a reported Muslim convert stormed parliament and killed a soldier, the nation’s second ‘terrorist’ attack in days.The gunman, whose name was on a terror watch list, attempted to force his way into Canada’s parliament Wednesday before the assembly’s sergeant-at-arms shot him dead. The attack — the second this week targeting Canadian military personnel — came as Canadian jets were to join the US-led bombing campaign against Islamist militants in Iraq. The spectacular security breach came two days after an alleged Islamist ran over two soldiers in Quebec, killing one of them, in what officials branded a terrorist attack. In audio of the attack on parliament, repeated shots could be heard booming through its chambers. The suspect, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who was said to be a convert to Islam, had a record of drug offences and robbery. AFP PHOTO/PETER MCCABE (Photo credit should read Peter McCabe/AFP/Getty Images)

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