What the French are doing to Muslim women is crazy

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Guardian has published what I actually found to be a rather horrifying set of pictures in which armed police officers approach a sunbathing Muslim woman wearing a “burkini” on a beach in Nice, France. She is wearing a tunic, leggings, and a headscarf. They then appear to force her to take off some of her clothing. The police issue her a ticket, which says she is being fined for not wearing “an outfit respecting good morals and secularism.” The “burkini” has been banned in 15 French towns so far, with authorities citing concerns about terrorism. The link between the burkini and bombs has yet to be established.

Burkini 2This is clearly crazy, paranoid, and offensively creepy. The idea that terrorism is going to be averted by forcing Muslim mothers sunbathing on the beach to take off articles of their clothing is delusional. I can’t imagine a more offensive image for any family members of said women than seeing armed men forcing them to disrobe in the name of “good morals,” or any better way to convince such people that secularism is simply the enforcing of decadent behavior. I myself would be absolutely furious to find out that gun-toting government employees had forced any of the women I know to expose more of themselves than they were comfortable with against their will. That isn’t freedom, it’s fascistic.

That doesn’t even address the fact that it isn’t just Muslim women who prefer to err on the side of modesty when it comes to clothing choice. Many orthodox Christians feel equally uncomfortable with the bare-all approach that our secular culture apparently thinks constitutes “good morals” and “secularism.” It’s ironic to think that when French fashion designer Louis Reard invented the bikini, he had to hire a stripper to present it for him because he could not find a professional model willing to wear it. The French have come a long way since then: now such exhibitionist attire seems to be mandatory.

Phil Lawler summed up the situation well: “There are, indeed, aspects of Islamic fundamentalism that are inimical to a free and open society. (The face-veil, for example, is dehumanizing.) The desire to wear a modest bathing costume is not one of them. It is revealing (yes, that’s the word) that in this weird response to a culture that shows no respect for women, secular France tells those same women to take off their clothes.”

The solution to Islamist barbarism is not Western decadence.

8 thoughts on “What the French are doing to Muslim women is crazy

  1. Ericka says:

    This us rediculous No one should be forced to remove their clothing regardless of whether they are Christian or Muslim or anything else. That is stupid and rediculous.

  2. Tom says:

    I agree that this is intolerant and stupid.

    Can you guide me to one of your articles where you are equally incensed by the depravity of radical and intolerant Muslims?


    Why the disparity in your outrage?

  3. Sherri says:

    I have no sympathy at all I say every country needs to make is uncomfortable for Muslims as possible! They destroy every culture and civilization wherever they dominate it’s only a matter of time! And I don’t care how nice or moderate they are it is the age of knowledge they are guilty by association! Prophet Mohumad was a pedopjile warlord murdering looting rapist and anyone who fails look into his life and is still a Muslim is ignorant and if they do know about his life and remain Muslim then they deserve the criticism and public scrutiny! It’s the filthiest man made religion to ever exist! Don’t even get me started!

  4. John Zylstra says:

    Context is important. It seems strange to ask someone to remove clothes just because they are lying on a beach, for whatever reason. Would someone who wore a towel over their head be forced to remove it, for example? But if someone is merely hiding identity, then I do not have a lot of sympathy.

  5. chris says:

    THIS SCENE WAS STAGED to show how ridiculous the burkini law was, think a bit, why would a 4k camera be casually pointing to the beach?

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