Why abortion activists hate Ireland

By Jonathon Van Maren

If there’s one place that abortion activists hate more than a maternity ward, it must be pro-life Ireland. They simply cannot countenance the fact that there is a Western country, in the current year, that recognizes the right of human beings developing in the womb to live and grow in safety. They cannot stand the fact that there is a nation that has not bought into the same lies and joined their gruesome club. Thus, the Toronto Star breathlessly covered the journey of two anonymous Irish women who flew to the United Kingdom to end their pregnancies, noting that nearly all abortions are still illegal in Ireland, which, they add ominously, is “overwhelmingly Catholic.”

This, of course, is mentioned so that the reader immediately recognizes that opposition to abortion is rooted not in the fact that it brutally violates a human being’s right to life, but rather in the theology of the Catholic Church. That would mean, in case you missed it, that it is insane for people to expect a Catholic belief to be forced on the rest of the population, specifically the woman who hired a British abortionist to relieve her of her Irish pre-born child.

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada chimed in on the situation too, noting gravely that, “The humanity and wisdom of women far surpasses the humanity of people like Enda Kenny, leader of Ireland. He’s a man, he will never have to travel to England for an abortion, the Church is still powerful, so women must be forced to be mothers.” Pardon the run-on, that’s a direct quote.

There’s a lot to unpack there. First of all, I fail to see why someone who does not agree with the violent eviction of human beings in the womb somehow possesses less “humanity” than an abortion activist, but then again, abortion activists are in the full-time business of claiming that some people are less human than others, so this should be no surprise.

Second of all, no one has to travel to England for an abortion, although some people very regrettably choose to. But to claim that this was something that had to be done is simply stupid. Then we have the finger pointed at the Catholic Church, even though I believe it is politicians and not cardinals who create public policy in Ireland. And finally, we have the claim that women are “forced to be mothers.” It must be pointed out here that the Irish woman seeking the British abortion was already a mother. That’s why she wanted an abortion: to end her tenure as a mother as quickly as possible. The unfortunate lie that abortion activists tell women is that abortion will relieve them of their motherhood, when in reality it makes them mothers of dead children, but mothers nonetheless.

The Irish law that is the target of so much hatred and bile is the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution Act, which states in full that: “The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.” Cue the screeching feminists, who shy away from terminology like “unborn” much like a vampire does a mirror.

It’s beautiful and encouraging to see that in spite of relentless pressure from the outside—Amnesty International, the European Union, and abortion activists from around the globe—Irish pro-life activists have been fighting back magnificently in defence of Ireland’s tiniest girls and boys. I’ve had the privilege of spending time with quite a number of them, and their conviction arises from the firm belief that violence is not an acceptable or humane answer to the question of what to do about a crisis pregnancy.

That’s why abortion activists hate the clear, wonderful message that Ireland sends to the rest of the West: You, too, can fight for a society that protects all people, from the very youngest to the very oldest.

18 thoughts on “Why abortion activists hate Ireland

  1. Denise Mountenay says:

    Yes…and besides there is now a mountain of scientific research proving induced abortion causes Breast Cancer, cervical damage and mental health problems in the aftermath. I have these stats in my new book, “The Bride, The Serpent and The Seed “.

    • Tomas Greyriven says:

      I am not in favor of abortion and I would advise any woman considering one that there are alternatives.
      Leave personal opinions and flawed studies out of the discussion though. There’s too much evidence that there is _no_link between abortion and breast cancer.

      The topic of abortion and breast cancer highlights many of the most challenging aspects of studies of people and how those studies do or do not translate into public health guidelines. The issue of abortion generates passionate viewpoints in many people. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women aside from skin cancer; and breast cancer is the second leading cancer killer in women. Still, the public is not well-served by false alarms. At this time, the scientific evidence does not support the notion that abortion of any kind raises the risk of breast cancer or any other type of cancer.


    • Nova Johnstone says:

      It would be three cheers if they actually did respect the life of the mother as well. Currently many hospitals in Ireland are under investigation for refusing abortions to mothers who have had miscarriages causing sepsis and then death or if an infant dies in the womb the mother has to carry out the pregnancy to full term for months in despair. Seems pretty inhumane to me. Fact check.

      • Lynn Smith, R.N. says:

        There is one famous case of what you described happening. It was an unfortunate incident. It was investigated and it was determined to be a series of medical errors and other circumstances, and not due to any Irish policy.

  2. Anne Hooper says:

    All very good and reasonable comments. Abortion advocates claim Pro Lifers are full of hate but that is such a lie. We love babies, love mothers, love families and most love the God who created the above. People are living in such delusion.

  3. Canadian women says:

    It’s really nice to see a sophisticated country firmly believing in pro life . I don’t judge anyone who chooses pro choice – I can’t . I recently terminated a pregnancy . However I don’t ever justify it as ‘it’s my body ‘ ‘my choice ‘ I am a women , i had a choice yes and I chose the wrong because of my own selfishness my own desires and fear but it is not a good enough reason . I very
    Much agree that it is not ‘ forcing ‘ a women to be a mother she already was one . This is the wonderful natural thing about LIFE! It’s not our purpose as humans to pick and choose pregnancies or pick and choose what sex we want to be . It’s so sad that all these modern sophisticated first world countries choose to have such values and any women who is protesting advocating pro choice is not much of a women in my eyes .

  4. Stephanie Stevenson says:

    Abortion comes in many forms and while Ireland has promoted pro-life, their support for homosexuality is nothing short of a divided conscious. Anything that prevents life such as abortion or does not have the “potential” to create life, is one in the same. So, what?

  5. Mary says:

    You forget to mention though that the abortion activists have got into government here in Ireland also. Many TD’s are in favour of repealing the Eighth, but the Eighth was put there by the people of Ireland, legitimately voted in in 1983 showing that the people of Ireland want to protect the most vulnerable no matter what politicians they come up against. The Irish Minister for Health, Simon Harris, tweeted these women after their media-fuelled journey to thank them! Read that again; the person over the Dept. of Health thanked two women who risked their own health and that of unborn Irish citizens (eventually leading to the death of these Irish citizens). So essentially an Irish government minister thanked a British abortionist for ending the lives of Irish citizens.

    • gwe says:

      Who would have thought? Can you imagine just a century and a half ago…the Irish formally thanking the Brits for killing their own people, when they were in the middle of starving them…the Holocaust that doesn’t seem to rate in the main Brit-driven media!

  6. brian says:

    Well said. What the ‘Pro-death’ lobby will never understand is that people here in Ireland who are pro-life aren’t necessarily taking that stance because of religious doctrine but a very raw human instinct to protect the life of the innocent and the helpless. It just helps their agenda to accuse everybody who disagrees with them as being backward and ignorant and tied to the church. nothing could be further from the truth.

  7. Scott says:

    Actually, a British-based meta study, 2013 I believe, showed a correlation between terminated pregnancy and breast cancer. It came in by the back way, stating there is a demonstrable link that full hormonal cycles are protective against breast cancer. The logical conclusion is that full-term carry (along with breast feeding) result in fewer breast cancer cases. The unstated conclusion is that interrupted cycles result in more cases.

    This study is roundly ignored, while earlier smaller-focused studies are cited as the excluding evidence.

    In short, nature has mechanisms that protect against. Meddling with nature causes damage.

  8. Maya says:

    I support this article, but there is something very wrong with using the phrase ‘screeching feminists’ the way it is used. As people who fight for equality and rights for the unborn, isn’t it important to also fight for the equality and rights of all women, especially if it means helping struggling mothers?

  9. An Dr Liam SS Réamonn says:

    There is intellectually sound support for the lives of the Unborn in Ireland. Throughout the world – including in the Vatican – the question is tackled with doctrinaire pronouncement or with varying emotions and stories. The subject of abortion, however, demands more work than the presentation of idealogical/emotion-based views. The false rhetoric of abortion needs to be shown up with careful physical examination. This involves scientific discipline and so those loudest in favour of ‘saving unborn lives’ are nowhere to be seen or heard when push comes to shove. Should there be a soul out there who might shove – read here: http://www.thelifeinstitute.net/information/abortion-the-scientific-truth

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