So it turns out that Niki Ashton DOES know when life begins

By Jonathon Van Maren

NDP Member of Parliament Niki Ashton must have been absolutely outraged when she saw the Toronto Star yesterday. There, right in the first paragraphs, were these lines:

Niki Ashton’s drive to win the NDP leadership now has an added tag line: Baby on board.

The Manitoba MP announced Monday that she is pregnant, with a November due date that means the baby could come just days after NDP members choose a new leader this fall.

First of all—and a journalist from the Star, of all places, should have known this—Ms. Ashton does not tolerate pre-born children being called “babies.” They are not, she has made clear throughout her political career, “babies.” They are fetuses at best. Calling them “babies” could endanger that Canadian institution Ms. Ashton holds most dear: The abortion industry, which busies itself with the work of destroying nearly 300 of these definitely-not-babies every single day.

Ms. Ashton, in fact, has in the past even presented a motion before the House of Commons to have her fellow politicians declare that, “a women’s right to choose abortion is a fundamental question of equality and human rights, both in Canada and around the world.” If we were talking about actual babies, you can be sure that Ms. Ashton would not be so in favor of aborting them.

Even worse, this hapless journalist actually dared to give the Ms. Ashton’s baby a “due date.” He must surely have been unaware of her vitriolic opposition to MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 back in 2012. Woodworth’s motion asked that the House of Commons perhaps familiarize itself with the scientific evidence of when human life began. Ms. Ashton did not want to possess this information, then or ever, perhaps recognizing the threat such information would have to her beloved abortion industry, which might be inconvenienced by the discovery that the human lives they were aborting had, in fact, already started.

By providing the public with a due date, this journalist dared to insinuate that Ms. Ashton did, in fact, know when her baby’s life began—which is, to be fair, helpful information to have in calculating the post-utero arrival of Ms. Ashton’s offspring. That arrival must be an especially momentous event for her, when you consider that Ms. Ashton believes that departure from the womb is also the very magical moment when the mantle of human rights settles on the now-definitely-a-baby as he or she emerges. Ms. Ashton herself is remaining mysterious about what it is she has chosen to let live, noting on Parliament Hill that, “I may be birthing many things [in November].”

On the other hand, of course, perhaps Ms. Ashton has been playing coy with us all along. Perhaps she really does know when life begins, and really does know that the child in her womb is, in fact, a “baby.” Perhaps her fiery speeches condemning the collection of knowledge surrounding the development of life in the womb were just a political ploy, one, it must be said, she has carried off with singular passion and superb acting skills. Either way, we congratulate Ms. Ashton on the arrival of her child—and are thrilled for her baby’s sake that she appears to have been faking her denunciations of those who defend children like hers—those in the womb—all along.


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4 thoughts on “So it turns out that Niki Ashton DOES know when life begins

  1. Tracy Madden-Legall says:

    It is a scientific and medical FACT -everything this new life is going to be down to the color of it’s eyes/hair, is ALL there at conception. There is NOTHING added and only time and nutrients from it’s mother is needed. No magical process which turns the baby into a human at a certain point during the 9 months of development. There was a time when the safest place for our newest and most vulnerable human life was in their mother’s womb, now it has become one of the most dangerous all in the name of choice!!!

  2. Rik says:

    Let’s organise a campaign — mail Ms. Ashton “Pregnancy Congratulations” cards to her constituency office(s). Only expense would be the card. Might help hit-home the point. Flood her office with cards of congratulations on the new arrival.

  3. Angus G Campbell says:

    Abortion is an individual’s choice No group has the right to impose their moral standards on other people—-you can’t Legislate morality.How twisted it is to make a woman’s private life,part of a smear campaign against an elected public servant.Is that what your god instructed you 2 do?I believe in the sanctity of all life;and just as SACRED is the right of any woman to decide what goes on in her own physical realm.The ABORTION ISSUE IS DEAD—Get Over It!

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      Hello Angus. Abortion may be a choice, but society already agrees that some choices are wrong. And it is extraordinarily ironic–and perhaps you hadn’t noticed this–but you say that it is wrong to legislate morality, but then claim it is immoral to ban abortion. In other words, you want morality to be legislated–it just happens to be your morality as opposed to someone else’s. The destruction of a human life developing in the womb–funded by our taxpayer’s dollars and government and carried out in government-funded clinics and our hospitals–is no more a private matter than killing a child indoors is. Human beings have human rights. Human rights begin when the human begins. Science tells us–as does every Canadian embryology textbook in every medical school–that life begins at conception. Thus, abortion is a human rights violation, not a human rights. It’s time that our abortion laws from the late ’60s caught up with the advances we’ve made in science. And I’m sorry, sir–but the abortion issue is just gaining traction. It’s nowhere close to dead. Have a good day!

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