Progressive politicians could easily end up creating new classes of criminals

By Jonathon Van Maren

So it appears as if Canada will be on the cutting edge of science-denying progressive nonsense once again, this time in Newfoundland. From the Globe and Mail:

Gender identity crusader Gemma Hickey called it a “big victory” Friday as her court challenge over non-binary birth certificates was delayed while Newfoundland and Labrador moves to legalize gender-neutral options.

“It’s a proud day for Newfoundland and Labrador,” Hickey said on the steps of the provincial Supreme Court building in St. John’s. “We weren’t the first place in Canada to do it, but second is pretty good and I feel very happy today. I feel very validated.”

A lawyer for the province asked for a postponement in the unique legal challenge over Hickey’s bid for gender-neutral birth certificates. Crown attorney Jessica Pynn told the court that the province wants the case put off because it plans to introduce necessary legal changes this fall. It was set over to Dec. 14.

The province said Thursday it will bring in legislation this fall allowing for a change of sex designation from female or male to non-binary. Sex information will still be collected at birth, but people 12 and older will be able to choose an ‘X’ on their birth certificate. Children aged 12 to 15 will still require a parent to apply on their behalf, with the child’s consent also required.

The government also said it will remove the requirement for a statement from a medical professional prior to a sex-designation change for those 16 and older. Hickey said that change is particularly important because such a prerequisite “pathologizes” gender identity.

“People can decide for themselves how they choose to identify,” she said.

It’s kind of amusing that this woman fought for the right to identify as someone who has no gender, but the Globe and Mail violated that right in their reportage by referring to her as a “her.” I’m sure a mewling apology is forthcoming, since I heard Hickey on the radio earlier today telling the CBC that she wanted to be referred to as a “they,” since this gender fluid nonsense is going to war with the grammatical standards of the English language as well as biology. More from the Globe:

Those changes would short-circuit the legal fight with Hickey, who argues the current Vital Statistics Act contravenes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Hickey identifies as non-binary and was believed to be the first person in Canada to apply for a non-binary birth certificate. Only the Northwest Territories allows gender-neutral birth certificates, while Ontario has said it plans to do the same thing. “Our rights are never given to us, so we have to fight for them,” said Hickey, who turns 41 on Oct. 1.

“It’s a big victory for myself and other non-binary Canadians — particularly young people out there who are struggling with their own identity and don’t feel that they have a place. We’re carving out that place and we’re doing that today.”

Watching from the public gallery was Hickey supporter Stacey Piercey, who hopes other provinces will now follow suit. “It’s necessary. There’s so many gender variances and identities. It’s important to accept these kids and love these kids and make them part of our community.”

Ontario’s minister of government and consumer services, Tracy MacCharles, has said gender-neutral birth certificates could be issued in Ontario as early as next year. In B.C., Kori Doty, a parent who identifies as transgender and prefers the pronoun they, refused to provide the sex of their child Searyl to the government when the baby was born in November.

On Aug. 31, the federal government began allowing gender-neutral passports, the latest step in Ottawa’s plan to eventually allow individuals to identify their sex as ‘X’ — that is, unspecified — on government-issued documents. The move stems from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to better reflect gender diversity across the country.

You’ll notice that the agenda of the gender activists is far from benign. They already have the right to call themselves whatever they want, but they want much more than that: They want to utilize the force of the state to ensure that everyone else has to play along with them and refer to them in the plural or any one of the other fifty-something fictitious pronouns that have been invented over the past decade. They don’t just want to pretend that they are the opposite sex or no sex at all or something in between, they want to make sure that you have to do so, too. (That’s zir to you, sir!)

Scientifically speaking, there are two genders. There is no “right” to be referred to by pronouns that—sorry to break it to you—the vast majority of Canadians are not even aware of yet. I don’t know a single person who could list off all the new pronouns, and that includes people who don’t really care about the issue and couldn’t care less if Hickey wanted to be referred to as a dragon or a unicorn. As our progressive politicians legislate their way to a more insane society that denies the basic scientific realities of human existence, they might easily end up creating entire classes of criminals who simply couldn’t keep up with the times.


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