Why does Rachel Notley think Albertan parents will be “super-cruel” to their children?

By Jonathon Van Maren

Just in case you had any doubt as to whether Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and her government of activist radicals were planning on demonizing Christians as a way of winning the next election, this headline from the National Post over the weekend should clear up any doubt: “Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says United Conservatives are determined to bring harm to gay children.”

Determined to bring harm to gay children. That’s quite the accusation, not to mention a vile caricature and smear of Alberta’s Christian communities and social conservatives (which would also include many groups of new immigrants.) And how does Notley justify this? According to the Post:

Notley said the comment from UCP leadership candidate Jason Kenney that parents should be told if their child joins a gay-straight alliance at school was “super-cruel”.

According to Notley, apparently, children in Alberta must be protected from their parents. Government employees who have no love for the children, haven’t raised the children, and have never had to sacrifice for these children—those people, say Notley and her Education Minister David Eggen, who are responsible for exposing children to all sorts of vile pornography—they know better than the parents.

Think about this carefully for a moment. The premier of Alberta just said that it is “super-cruel” for parents to know what their children are up to at school, especially if it involves something as important as their sexuality. If simply keeping parents—who, it must be pointed out, are the guardians of their children and responsible for their welfare—informed of what their children are involved with is considered “super-cruel” by Notley, then what does she think of these parents? What does she imagine these mothers and fathers are planning to do? Why does she think that children must be shielded from their parents?

Notley and Eggen and the rest of the NDP gang consistently get away with viciously slandering parents by insinuating that horrifying cruelties will take place if they are simply kept involved in the lives of their own children, and implying that paid government employees are better equipped with the love and compassion necessary to ensure that children are safe and cared for. This attitude cuts to the heart of their “progressive” ideology: Fundamentally, they believe that children belong to the state, not to the parents.

Notley might not say this out loud—although NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton got close recently—but plenty of her ideological counterparts have stated this in explicit terms. Back in the ‘70s, Alex J. Proudfoot of the Alberta School Trustees Association openly stated that “When we get right down to the crunch, the child belongs to the state”—and this was in the context of a debate concerning whether an Alberta Christians school had the right to continue operating. Years later, Proudfoot, by then a professor of education at the University of Calgary, elaborated by saying that “The child is not your child. [Children] are property of the state, like our oil, like our gas, like our pipelines.”

It is because of this fundamental ideology—that she, as the leader of Alberta’s government, has more right to your children than you do—that Rachel Notley can actually accuse someone who says that parents should know what their children are doing when they are away from home with government employees of being “super-cruel.” It is because fundamentally, she does not trust parents—how can she, if she is willing to say that merely keeping them informed is “super-cruel?”

This is precisely why “progressive” politicians feel they can implement whatever form of education they choose and teach your children whatever they would like: It is because they feel entitled to do so. You may think that your sons and daughters are your children and that you have the right to raise them as you see fit and pass your own values and traditions on to them, but that is not the way Rachel Notley and David Eggen and the rest of the progressive set see it. They see children as a commodity owned by the state. Rachel Notley’s dire warning to Albertans is one that should be heeded, but not because her apocalyptic nonsense about the United Conservative Party is true. It should be heeded because when she accused someone who believes parents know what is best for their children of being “super-cruel,” she tipped her own hand and told Albertan parents exactly what she thinks of them.


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17 thoughts on “Why does Rachel Notley think Albertan parents will be “super-cruel” to their children?

  1. Alan McNaughton says:

    The parallels are there if you look.
    Before destroying sodom the king wanted to possess the people. So it must go with the territory.

  2. KatyJane says:

    We have Social Services for really tragic reasons. Neglect, sexual assault of children, physical abuse, failures to house and feed. I think outing children to their families, or the child’s support of LGBQT communities creates the possibility of abuse and violent conflict.

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      Yes to your first sentence. The second sentence is the problem: Your underlying assumption is that parents will be cruel if they talk to their children about these things. And the second assumption is that government employees can be trusted with our children to a greater extent than their own parents.

  3. Alan Fraser says:

    I seem to remember that Hitler tried to separate the children from their families ! There are other examples in history of regimes taking children from families and making child soldiers of them!! Evil does exist in this world and people need to recognize and stand up to it. Silence is never an option!

    • Jim Blake says:

      The Notley government has an agenda that they are not telling you. They don’t really care whether you are, by all reasonable measures that could be used, a “good parent”. They have a cultural Marxist agenda.

      That agenda is that parents and their children must be divorced from one another in order for our children to become as this government put it in one of their promotional “advisory” documents to schools, good little “comrades”. Their agenda is very out in the open. They are Marxists who believe that there is only one “Good Parent” and that parent is Mother Alberta.

      They need to be shut down and removed as soon as possible. They are vile anti-family politicians who use children for pawns to forward their despotic agenda.

      Some are knowingly doing it and others are, as Karl Marx described them, the “useful idiots” who are helping to forward the Marxist regime. It’s time for Albertans to wake and smell the NDP’s Gulag coffee and shut down the Marxist dictators in Edmonton.


  4. Shelley says:

    How can these things happen? In our adoption class, led by government employees, we were told that every time a child is moved to a new family environment, it creates a lot of psychological problems with trust. Children are only removed from their parents’ care and placed into foster care when it is deemed absolutely essential. And I know two families who definitely needed their children to be removed and the government took a very long time to make that happen. Now, no one is saying yet that LGTBQ children (don’t’ even get me started!) will be removed from homes, but isn’t that the next logical step if this approach is legislated?! That’s like a kid admitting they have thoughts of (insert whatever you like, apparently) and parents being left out in all important conversations. If atheism is to rule, then how can murder be seen as truly wrong. If a child is torturing animals, well let’s just keep their parents uninvolved…cue dead, unsuspecting parents…sorry, a bit too much? When is pedophilia going to be protected next? Teacher preys on your child? No longer a problem. No business of yours. I know someone is probably reading this and saying ‘you idiot, but being a child with gay feelings is not the same as psycopathic beginnings!!!, Both are heart issues that I would be concerned about as a parent. I wouldn’t beat my child. I wouldn’t ridicule him or her either. I would continue to feed, chauffeur, read bedtime stories, hug, have conversations, go on vacations….I would nurture my child!!! And yes, that would entail reading the Bible together and encouraging my child to cultivate a healthy spiritual relationship with Christ, which yes, includes obeying His Word. Ontario has gone insane – the rest of the country needs to stand up and say no before it is too late. Too many Christians complain and don’t make or sign petitions. Let’s write and call our political representatives. Oh, and I believe Brian Jean also has said some pretty discouraging things about Christians being a threat to society. It’s not just and NDP thing. So, if we tell our politicians, all over, then perhaps they will actually stand up for their constituents who vote them in. If we stay silent, we will pay. I signed a petition and wrote a note to Ontario’s Cathleen (spelling?) Wynn. Does anyone know if there are any petitions going on in Alberta?

  5. Bill says:

    Notley is too blinded by her ideology to see the dangers public ed has become to children. it is a grooming tool for homosexual radicals.

  6. s. Wilton says:

    I grew up in a catholic family and was gay. It is the most difficult thing to go through school feeling so completely alone. I wish there was a place where I could have gone to help me figure it all out. I tried to kill myself in high school and was beaten by my parents for being so “different”. It is cruel. Now I am married to my wife we have a wonderful little boy who is getting strait A’s and is a decent kind human being. We are a happy family. Shame on the people who use the bible to hate and who ignore jesus’s teachings while claiming to be religious shame on you. One day we all will meet the maker. Good luck to those who use religion as a weapon.

  7. John Testor says:

    When my kids were in the teens, we had taken in a 15 year old who was thrown out of the Fundamentalist Christian home because he wouldn’t accept Jesus Christ as his brother did. The boy had nowhere to go! I tried to facilitate a Reconciliation involving the parents and their pastor, and the situation was worse after that meeting then before. All the parents and the pastor insisted that the young boy except and bow to their religious teachings or he could stay on the street.

    It absolutely disgusted me that in the name of a religion they would treat a child that way. We found out later there was significant abuse in that home also, and it sickens me that religion treats children that way. The boy was not gay but I certainly saw the ugly side a fundamentalist religion.

    Who is supposed to protect those children?

    • Trish says:

      So, because one family was off the rails, that must mean that all Christian families must be to, hey?
      Give your head a shake. Biblical teaching does not include any of the crazy you described in this family. Clearly they were making stuff up as they went along and grossly misinterpreting scripture. Crazy families, regardless of beliefs or religious affiliation should be seen as separate from the general population. To assume that all are represented by one that is plainly unglued is asinine.

    • MaryAnn McMillan says:

      The situation you have described is VERY wrong. My husband and I raised our children is a home that believes in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Our children are now grown up and 3 of them have left organized religion and I can assure you they are respected for their beliefs and loved very much Heavenly Father gave each of His children the gift of agency and as mortal parents we need to respect our children’s agency to choose for themselves what kind, if any, relationship they will have with deity. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I can in no way condone the treatment of that child by his parents or his Pastor. This is NOT what the bible teaches.

  8. John Zylstra says:

    Ironically, Notley and Eggen are digging their own graves with some of these comments. They are uniting the conservatives like never before, just to prevent the bully Eggen from demonizing christians. They think they are smart with their stupid comments about harming homosexuals, but in fact, they can only hang on to the votes of their own radicalized anti-christian allies, and will lose the votes of all the common sense voters who know full well that Christians preach grace and forgiveness and love, even for badly mistaken and misdirected people. It is sad that notley and eggen seem to have such a narrow minded, single issue agenda. The safe school policy should be about so many things, but it all seems to lead only or primarily to a sexual agenda. Sexualizing children, and thinking children are all-wize, and parents hate their own children… what a crock, and what a sad, immature, mistake of a government.

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