Poland defeats abortion legislation–and moves to ban aborting children with Down Syndrome

By Jonathon Van Maren

While abortion activists hammer pro-life laws across Europe and attempt to defeat pro-life Ireland’s constitutional amendment protecting pre-born children, Poland continues to push back against any attack on children in the womb. Last week, Polish lawmakers repudiated another attempt to legalize the killing of pre-born children by defeating a draft bill that would have permitted abortion prior to twelve weeks. In fact, Polish parliamentarians also moved forward the same day with a bill that would ban abortion in the case of fetal disability.

Poland is one of the few nations that is consistently working to protect children in the womb even further, much to the fury of the international abortion industry. Abortion is only legal in the cases of rape, incest, fetal deformity, and life or health of the mother—although fetal deformity can be interpreted broadly and also includes pre-born children with Down Syndrome. Polish pro-lifers and parliamentarians have been working to protect these children, as well—nearly a million signatures were submitted to support a law banning eugenic abortions, which one pro-life group says constitute more than 95% of abortions in Poland.

From The Guardian:

Introducing the proposed restrictions on Wednesday, Kaja Godek of the anti-abortion Life and Family Foundation told MPs that “we have come to parliament today because we don’t want hospitals turning into abattoirs”. Since assuming office in 2015, PiS has ended state funding for IVF treatment and restricted access to emergency contraception, introducing a requirement for a prescription in order to obtain the morning-after pill. Łukasz Szumowski, appointed health minister during a government reshuffle this week, is one of almost 4,000 Polish doctors to have signed a “declaration of faith” committing not to participate in “abortion, euthanasia, contraception, artificial insemination, and/or in vitro fertilisation” on the grounds that such acts “not only violate the basic commandments of the Decalogue, but reject the creator as well”.

Poland has been making enormous pro-life progress, and has been debating a ban on all abortions for several years. In the meantime, children with Down Syndrome may soon be protected under law—while other European nations work to wipe out their Down Syndrome populations entirely.


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