“Feminist” foreign policy destroys millions of girls

By Jonathon Van Maren

For global abortion activists, there is nothing that cannot be sacrificed on the red-hot altars of “choice”—even millions of little girls. Girls who are still growing blissfully in the womb do not yet count as “women” and can still be victims of “reproductive freedom,” and so the globalist feminists who arrive in countries around the world to peddle their obsession with feticide pretend that they do not exist in the first place. In fact, because abortion culture has taken root and then fused with local prejudices in some nations, many of those little girls will live only extraordinarily brief lives, hastily ushered off the scene once people realize that they are, in fact, little girls. As The Economist noted in the now-famous cover story, over 100 million baby girls are missing in places like China—and as the National Post just reported, those numbers are climbing in India, as well:

The Indian government said Monday that there were more than 63 million women “missing” from its population, and that 2 million go “missing” across age groups every year due to abortion of female fetuses, disease, neglect and inadequate nutrition. There are also 21 million unwanted girls, the government said.

The 2017-2018 estimate, released as part of the country’s annual economic survey, reinforced the work of researchers and social scientists, who have argued that decades of son preference in India and its parallel in China, the One Child policy, have produced a man-made demographic bubble of excess males – those now under 25 top 50 million – in the two countries and may have long-term impacts on crime, human trafficking, the overall savings rate and the ability of these excess males to find brides.

Abortion activists like to claim that the solution to ensuring that these millions of girls do not get destroyed or discarded is to ensure that poverty is eradicated—but again, the data indicates that misogynist preferences for males remain firmly in place regardless of income:

The study, looking at numbers for 2015-2016, showed that the sex ratio for different states in India worsened even as incomes improved; sociologists have long argued that India’s son preference not only occurs in poor rural families but also in middle and upper-middle classes, where tradition dictates a son will carry on the family business or inherit property, though legally, a daughter can do so, too. In the northern farming states of Punjab and Haryana, for example, the sex ratio among infants to 6 year olds is 1,200 males per 1,000 females, even though they are among the wealthiest states.

“Perhaps the area where Indian society – and this goes beyond governments to civil society, communities, and households – needs to reflect on the most is what might be called ‘son preference’ where development is not proving to be an antidote,” the survey suggested.

And once again, the banner of “female empowerment” is taken from the West to other nations—where the result is the unfathomable destruction of millions of girls. The damage we Westerners do to other countries will be felt for generations to come—and by generations lost. Men like Trudeau trot the globe insisting that nations which still respect the lives of their littlest ones get with the feminist program, and start permitting practices that will fill dumpsters with little girls. What an utterly shameful legacy we are creating.


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