Trudeau’s top advisor says those who laughed at “peoplekind” comment are Nazis

By Jonathon Van Maren

Justin Trudeau has now come out—very briefly—to say that his interruption of a young woman during a town hall meeting to correct her use of the word “mankind” to “peoplekind” was a bad joke, attempting to interrupt the global gale of mocking laughter he managed to incur. I joined in the fun with a few of my friends, attempting to get the hashtag #peoplekind trending on Twitter (which, after a few hours, it was.) From Ben Shapiro to Piers Morgan and across the political spectrum, the consensus seemed to be that Trudeau had managed to morph into a parody of himself. And if he was joking—something most people still very much doubt—the point stands, as many have already highlighted, that everyone believed Justin would definitely say something like that.

Most people in Trudeauland are ducking their heads and hoping that the whole thing will blow over. Town halls usually play very well for the prime minister—his skill at handling hecklers generally make him look pretty good—so the hammering he sustained by comparing refugees to returning ISIS fighters, telling a Canadian war vet who lost a leg in Afghanistan that veterans were asking the government for too much, and mansplaining “peoplekind” to a young woman—seems to have accomplished the opposite effect. And that has obviously gotten a few of Trudeau’s people, including his old college buddy and now jack-of-all-trades advisor Gerald Butts (known as the “shadow prime minister” in some political circles) quite bent out of shape.

Butts likes to spend a lot of time on Twitter trashing anyone who disagrees with his boss, but is also hyper-sensitive enough to block anyone who responds to anything he says, myself included. His response to the general hilarity incurred by his boss’s stupid “peoplekind” comment apparently really got his goat, because shortly, he tweeted out this: “The lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right nazi friends of the Rebel is they’re paying attention. Game on, #TeamTrudeau.”

Got that? If you think that Trudeau’s peoplekind “joke” was stupid, funny, or just ridiculous—you’re a Nazi. Or a “alt-right nazi friend of the Rebel,” which is Ezra Levant’s online commentary outfit. So Ben Shapiro, Piers Morgan, PragerU, and thousands of others—all Nazis, because they had the guts to laugh at Gerald Butts’ buddy. Or perhaps Butts was just attempting to draw fire from Trudeau, considering the fact that he immediately managed to draw bipartisan fire to his own asinine comments, which presumably led to another round of Butt-hurt Twitter blocking.

Hilariously, it was Piers Morgan who decided he’d had enough of Butts attempting to call journalists who laughed at Trudeau Nazis, noting that: “a) I’m not a Nazi. b) It wasn’t a joke. c) If you’re one of @JustinTrudeau’s chief advisors, no wonder he’s making so many gaffes.” He then followed that up by pointing out that, “The whole world laughed at your boss & his absurdly politically correct, virtue-signalling #peoplekind nonsense. If you choose to condemn everyone who did so as being a Nazi, then I politely suggest you’re a complete & utter halfwit.” He ended by referring to Butts as “’one sandwich short of a full picnic.’ Incredible that someone so close to your Prime Minister is able to spout such dangerously inflammatory nonsense on his behalf.”

So. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have said that we should say “peoplekind” instead of “mankind.” But his advisor and good friend Gerald Butts says that those who found this hilarious or ridiculous are Nazis. It would appear that bad judgement is a running theme on #TeamTrudeau.


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40 thoughts on “Trudeau’s top advisor says those who laughed at “peoplekind” comment are Nazis

  1. Tom Graffagnino says:

    “Peoplekind” is marching forward,
    Hand-in-hand with great big smiles.
    Yes!…We’ve nearly reached Nirvana
    As The Goddess reconciles.

    There’s no gender left to fool with,
    We’ve trans-cended ALL that stuff!
    Now we’re fueled by Good Intentions.
    We feel that should be enough!

    If you laugh, you’re just a Nazi,
    (We know what to do with YOU!)
    Chuckles will not be permitted!
    If you smile, my friend, you’re through!

    * * *

    Buckle-up and hang on tight, folks.
    Looming darkness straight ahead!
    We’ve exchanged true Truth before us
    With a Fairy Tale instead.

  2. Albert Kuyerhuis says:

    Really? If Mr. Gerald Butts knew anything about the true nature of Nazis and Nazidom, he would realize how dangerously close his boss PM Trudeau is getting to being one of them as evidenced in the summer job program subsidy attestation requirement. That’s straight out of Hitler’s Nazi playbook. Not being on Twitter, I had no idea that Mr. Butt has a history of not tolerating dissenting views (on his T-account). Neither did Hitler’s Nazis. No one thought that to be a joke.

    • Gerri Link says:

      The peoplekind, that was voted in, ( only on an against vote that was orchestrated) has elevated himself to supreme ruler. .Well there is his supreme advisor. Kingly orders, given all the time Sometimes I felt that the shadow Prime Minister might have a little more grey matter but calling the subjects of his country Nazi’s has me knowing he has not. 2 of a people kind.

    • Andrew Klinzmann says:

      Absolutely ! Little Socks-and Selfie boy is becoming dangerously more like Mr. Hitler, and “Buttsie-Boy” makes an awesome replica of Joseph Goebbels…. The thinly-veiled fascism of the liberal party is becoming more evident as they become more desperate at their “losing control of the narrative”….

    • BrianR says:

      correct , Goebels Butts has no idea what he is really saying , his ideology has blinded him and his mental health issue has him deluded.

  3. Brian says:

    Butts is one dangerous fool, that must be booted when the Nazi like Liberals are drowned next election. This guy is a mentally unstable man to make that comparison.

    • Andrew Klinzmann says:

      Merely laughing at yet another insipid blunder from Trudeau now makes you a “nazi” ??? Only an unhinged madman would make that comparison….. Now the world sees what a fascist hate-machine the liberal party truly is !

  4. BrianR says:

    one has to be rather insecure and ignorant to stand by the likes of the hate-fuelled Turdo for making such an ignorant remark and then lying about it. Butts’ head is somewhere where he cannot hear Turdo.

  5. Tom Graffagnino says:

    If you laughed, you’re just a… NAZI!
    (We know what to do with YOU!)
    Chuckles here are NOT be permitted!
    If you smile, my friend, you’re through!

    We’ve got trains warmed up and ready.
    Get the picture?…(Cattle cars.)
    No more jokin’ ‘round with Justin!
    Just who DO you think you are!?

    “ACHTUNG!”….Dummkopf!…In the corner!
    Did I hear you snicker, son?
    Volks like you we won’t put up with…
    Keep it up and you’ll be done!

  6. Paul says:

    Trudeau is a rather empty head actor. Even my spellcheck suggests changing mandkind to humankind. So he is not aware of this because his motives are off in the clouds. The joke excuse which was suggested by his handlers does not help with any recovery but rather just keeps his exposure rolling to new lows.

    • Andrew Klinzmann says:

      The so-called “joke excuse” is simply desperate damage control from the liberals ! Now that they have lost control of their tightly-controlled narrative, the alt-left are getting more and more hysterical in their denials and their excuses ! Good fun !

  7. Bryn says:

    Liberal PM makes a stupid ass politically correct virtue signalling and very rudely interrupted “vernacular correction” on terminology. No one laughs because it was not a joke. World sees this and makes mockery at the foolish imbecile that is Trudeau. Trudeau doesnt like being laughed at so backtracks claiming he was making a “dumb joke”. World doesnt BUY his explanation and rightly so because trudeau was virtue signalling and nowhere near tryi g to be funny. Trudeau and his minions calls everyone egregious names like “nazis” in response to being criticized. EPIC FAIL JUSTIN.

  8. Bob Lizotte says:

    I think if JT’s dad were alive, he would truly be ashamed as JT is far worse than he ever was. At least Pierre had a pair, where as JT just likes prattle on with his bs, and selfies. Since he took over racism is worse, his lack of respect for ethics, and laws are truly appalling. Racism will end when people stop living in the past and learn to just respect each other. Forcing people to change their vocabulary and anthem to meet his gender neutral agenda will not only cost him votes and respect and cause more fighting, it is in-constitutional . I am appalled that he thinks he is above the law. No one is above the law, He owes the tax payers 200 grand. Pay it back. Watching him is like watching a sour comedy.

  9. Ann Hindley says:

    I will laugh at the word “Peoplekind” over and over every time I see or hear it. It is a childish word made up by a liar, thief, traitor, and other descriptions too numerous to mention. And you sir have offended me by calling me a Nazi. I demand an apology, and $10,000,000.

  10. D.A.Morris says:

    It’s ironic that Butts would call all who laughed AT his hero Justin Trudeau, a NAZI,when Justin is as adept with a joke as Colonel Klink.

    • Andrew Klinzmann says:

      The irony is breathtaking ! The alt-left liberal fascists now call every single Canadian as “nazi” ?? Perhaps the back-room boys in the liberal party of Canada should look at the definition of “fascist”:
      (often capitalized) a vile political opportunist that exalts his own philosophy over and above that of the nation and the individual. This dictatorial leader stands for a centralized autocratic government, beholden only to his narcissistic self. Maintains power by severe economic and social regimentation, incessant repetition of the party narrative, forcible suppression of opposition, and total control of the media

      • Johnny says:

        If you were to find a dictionary definition of fascism from before 1980(ish) it wouldn’t be what we have today. It would not have any mention of right wing political affiliations. As we all should know right wing activists are “Anarchists”, left wing activists are “Facists”. We fall ever deeper under the thrall of this Neo-Marxist narrative. The hope that given enough rope these dangerous fools will hang themselves may be misplaced optimism.

      • Richard Ovcharovich says:

        You are bang on! I can’t believe this has not been picked up by any media. Having said that the last point just proves it “total control of the media”.

  11. Mike Murphy says:

    The use of the term “Nazi” by Mr. Trudeau or any of associates in referencing the people of this country is offensive to the people of this country and will not be forgotten.

    Mr. Trudeau’s “people-kind” comment will not go away. It is the visible turning point, the straw that broke the camel’s back. Can you feel it yet Justin? The beginning of the end.

  12. Geri says:

    I found his remark was very inappropriate – this lady was serious about her subject and you tried to make a fool out of her by interrupting her more than once with a word that didn’t make sense. Is this how you feel about all Canadians that take the time out to talk to you? NOT the way a Prime Minister should act!!!!

    • Joanna says:

      Thank you ! That was exactly how I felt. He totally belittled her by doing that to her. Talk about Male suppression. Acting like a teacher in a classroom with a third grade class. Sorry, a Prime minister is not that. He is not the Sage on the Stage. Though clearly he thinks he was trying to help “womenkind” how he did it only makes it worse!

  13. Kaz Osuchowski says:

    thefreedictionary definition neologism:
    1. A new word, expression, or usage.
    2. The creation or use of new words or senses.
    3. Psychology
    a. The invention of new words regarded as a symptom of certain psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia.
    b. A word so invented.

    Interesting, especially the 3rd meaning…

  14. Bonnie says:

    Truidiot has Just Opened Another Can of Worms..Referring to All That Laughed At His Childish Peoplekind Word as Nazi,s. JT You Have Done Better Than That! You Have Lied, You Have Cheated, Paid Off a Criminal, And Let Into This Country A Multitude Of ISIS Organizations That At This Moment Are Recruiting and Actively In -gauging in Terrorism. You Have Embarrassed This Beautiful Country We Call Canada along with All Canadian.The Fear of Harboring Organized Terrorists, You May Be One Sorry Loser If These Terrorists Are Being Trained and Educated in Our Country. I Fear For The United States that Your Sick Compulsion for Letting Them In Will have a Devastating Effect. We The Nazi,s Ask You For Your Resignation Before You Completely put this Country into the Ground.

  15. Stephen Gallard CD says:

    Mr Butts, I served in the Cdn Forces to stand for what is good and worth protecting so even assholes like you have the right to maligne good Cdns. Sad you choose the Nazis to describe fellow Cdns, you weak kneed bureaucrat. Like the PM, both you and he don’t speak for me, but as a Cdn you should be relieved of your duties or terminated for your thoughtless and egregious disrespect. You are out of touch with mainstream Canada and sadly reflect the arrogant outlook this government seems to embrace.

  16. Tony Simon says:

    Aptly named. JT’s lapdog will never get his head out of his Butts. Apparently his nickname starts with ‘a’, has seven letters, and ends with ‘e’.

  17. Lee Fulford says:

    This is NOT newsworthy!! If this is what you are complaining about then you should definitely vote liberal, most regimes have at least a few scandals that actually cause material loss for its citizens, but with Trudeau the only criticism that the opposition can create is that he took a vacation and that he made a joke about being too politically correct. Honestly everytime I hear “Trudeau is ruining this country” and I ask why would you say that, they bring up that he took a vacation with the Aga khan. WHAT?!? are you serious?? By every metric our economy is BOOMING right now, unemployment is at an all time low and you are complaining about that? Be aware of the media that you are exposed too and the groups that you follow. Over time it can twist your opinion so that you despise someone even without any real reason to do so. This article is a classic example of framing and how putting your own words to an issue out of context can aggravate and mislead people into a mindset that is not backed up by fact. The opposition to the any political party is in social media guys and they have departments that are committed to making the current gouvernment look bad. Think for yourself.

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      No idea what you’re talking about. This article simply highlights the prime minister’s top advisor referring to those who laughed at a stupid comment by Trudeau as “Nazis,” by directly quoting that advisor’s own Twitter account. I didn’t talk about the economy, or the Aga Khan. You may be commenting on the wrong article.

  18. Jim Smotrycki says:

    Gerald Butts is a complete idiot just like Turdhole and should b placed in the same cell. They will destroy Canada just like P,E.T tried and failed to do in the 70’s.

  19. Sam says:

    A little bit of a logical error there, Jon.

    Saying Nazis are “torquing” the joke does NOT mean that all people “torquing” the joke are Nazis. Rather, it means that groups defined as Nazis are “torquing” the joke. That leaves open many many other people to “torque” the joke, only that some subset as Nazis. Do I agree with this statement? No. I think labeling people Nazis is an attempt to shut out others and should be sparingly used, unless the people or group actually are Nazis.

    Furthermore, I would suspect that Butts’ definition of Nazis would not accord with the dictionary or Political Science definition of Nazis and he either 1) overreacted or 2) tried to tried to make an edgy political statement to get air time.

    What I read from the tweet is that Butts is trying to say Infowars and Rebel Media are Nazis and they are paying attention to what Trudeau says. I don’t think it is fair to expand the tweet any more than that allowed by the language.

    Besides, that questioner was a little bit … well, see for yourself. She was talking about how maternal love comes from the mitochondria/oxytocin and attempting to get the Prime Minister into a private discussion about “God the Mother”. Have a look at her full question in the following link, starting at 106:40 (be forewarned her “question” takes at least 4 minutes):

    Full disclosure – I heard the short clip on the news and laughed. Then I came across the full question and realized the room was really awkward with her question and he appeared to legitimately make a joke to dispel the tension. In fact, he had previously protected her from boos.

    If he actually wanted to make an SJW type statement regarding “mankind” he would have said “humankind” – peoplekind just sounds just too ridiculous.

    Was it a good joke? No. Can the words “the lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right Nazi friends of the Rebel is they’re paying attention” be expanded to say that anyone laughing at the statement is a Nazi? No.

    Please be more careful with your logic in the future.

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      I stand by my analysis of the tweet, but appreciate your comment. I also watched the full hour or so and the context, and again, I don’t agree that it was intended as a joke. But reasonable people can disagree with each other on that.

      • Sam says:

        I appreciate your considering my remarks and watching the full video. I suppose we will just have to leave the rest to your readership.

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