LGBT group puts obscene posters up in the Toronto subway

By Jonathon Van Maren

It’s kind of funny, in a sick sort of way: While political correctness has proliferated throughout our culture, sending the speech police scurrying after anyone who dares to forget that in 2018, men can get pregnant too, what would once be classified as public indecency, if not worse, is perfectly acceptable. Here I’m not even referring to the fact that children are regularly exposed to nude men and sex acts at the Pride Parade, considering that much of the responsibility for this lies with the parents irresponsible enough to bring their kids to such an event. I’m talking about the new signs that have gone up in the Toronto subway system for all to see:

The advertisements, sponsored by the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance encourage homosexual couples to have “the sex they want,” even if they or their partners already have HIV. The shocking images depict homosexual threesomes and bondage harnesses, in full view of children who take the Toronto subway’s busiest line every day.

This is a campaign launched by the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance and is linked back to a website, which I won’t link to, called “The Sex You Want,” dedicated to answering questions like, “What if we want to bareback?” The website, of course, is featured on the posters hanging on the walls of the subway, which families take regularly. But this is apparently fine, and I’m sure it is now homophobic to suggest that maybe kids should not see dudes in leather bondage gear, or gay threesomes, or be advised to visit a website that will explain how to do these things and more.

Ironically, of course, a street preacher in Canada attempting to delineate the Christian position on sexuality would in all likelihood be guilty of a hate crime. Pro-life activists, whether they are using abortion victim photography or photos of babies in the womb, are routinely told by politicians and at times even the courts that their tragic message of truth is inappropriate. Even simple pro-life billboards are met with outrage. But depictions of anal sex? Yeah, that’s fine, apparently.

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