CBC says “non-binary” teacher in Saskatchewan a “role model” for children

By Jonathon Van Maren

If you’ve ever wondered just how fast gender ideology is moving into our educational institutions we send our children to—and how far the gender ideologues have penetrated into the public school system—look no further than this glowing article from the CBC yesterday on a “non-binary” substitute teacher in Saskatchewan, who is utilizing the pronoun “Mx.” to teach kids about new genders:

For Moose Jaw’s Cole Ramsey, the lesson begins as soon as their name goes up on the board. 

“What it says is ‘Mx. Cole.'”

“I just explain it’s a title just like Mr. or Mrs. but it is gender neutral,” said the Saskatchewan teacher, who also uses the gender-neutral pronoun “they.”

Ramsey is non-binary and works as a substitute teacher in Moose Jaw. When the name goes up on the board, they said, the questions begin.

“I say I am kind of both and kind of neither. Most people in the world that you know are boys or girls, but there is a very small group of us that are a different gender,” Ramsey told CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition.

This, in the opinion of the CBC, is a very positive thing, because young children need non-binary “role models” who can, among other things, teach them about the new gender pronouns that got Dr. Jordan Peterson in so much hot water. In the article itself, the CBC was scrupulous about describing Cole not as “him” or “her,” but as “they”—and it makes for pretty confusing reading:

That’s something Ramsey works to accomplish each and every day they step into the classroom and write their name up on the board.

Ramsey remembers the first time they did that.

“I was terrified but determined to see it through.”

They were determined, because they had made a vow early on “to be that advocate and role model to students that I didn’t have.”

“They,” you understand, refers to Cole, not the students. In case that wasn’t clear, which it wasn’t. And Cole is proud that the introduction of these concepts into the classroom might be having a profound impact on some students:

Facing those fears has paid off many times over. Ramsey said there was a time when a student dropped a note on their desk praising them for being brave.

“I knew then that that was a student who recognized that I was gender diverse, that they themselves might also be gender diverse,” they said.

That sort of recognition has also come from students in the younger grades, including one time when Mx. Cole walked into the room and wrote their name up on the board.  

“A student in the front row started bouncing up and down in their chair and just pointed at themselves and said, ‘Me too, me too!'”

Ramsey said their reaction was to give the student an enthusiastic high five. Then, as is often the case, the short explanation sufficed, and it was on to the lessons of the day.

It is no coincidence that the skyrocketing rates of children identifying as trans, or non-binary, or one of the other myriad options that children are being presented with these days, correlates strongly with the push to have these things taught in the schools. It’s also no coincidence that a few years into this gender madness, the rates of those who are attempting, with often messy and tragic results, to transition back to their biological gender are also rising rapidly.

I know I’ve said this a dozen times or more on this blog, but it needs to be said again: Don’t send your kids to public schools. They have become the primary site of a social experiment that is already having devastating consequences on the upcoming generation.


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