The astonishing self-righteousness of abortion groups after school shootings

By Jonathon Van Maren

May 21, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Last week at the Santa Fe High School outside Houston, Texas, a teenager in a trench coat opened fire with a shotgun and revolver, killing at least ten people. After the mass killing of high school students in Florida in February, this is another ugly reminder that there is something sad and sick about American youth culture today. The shouting from both sides has already commenced, with much heat being produced and very little light.

And of course, the vultures began to land at the sight and smell of fresh blood. It’s fairly typical for Second Amendment defenders and gun control advocates to face off in the wake of tragedy, debating what the true cause of gun violence is and what the appropriate solution would be. But lately, abortion activists have decided to wear their hypocrisy loudly and proudly and join the discussion with richly unwarranted self-righteousness.

The reason for this is simple: The abortion industry realized some time ago that simply defending feticide all the time was not a good look, and that people were generally too uncomfortable with grisly details of what their services entailed to want to hear from them incessantly. And so they harnessed their wagon to various other so-called progressive causes, in order to dilute the baby blood they brought to the table and present themselves as part of a larger movement for social justice. Cecile Richards in particular became very skilled at presenting the world’s largest abortion provider as a warm and fuzzy healthcare provider that was allied with social justice warriors everywhere.

And so NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, responded to the death of students at the hand of one of their peers with this sickening tweet:

Our hearts and thoughts are with the Santa Fe community today. No parent should have to send their children to school fearing for their safety. This IS an issue of reproductive freedom. We must act.


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