Trudeau’s Bad Week: Groping allegations, Canada Summer Jobs lawsuits, and an Ambassador for Feminism

By Jonathon Van Maren

It is safe to say that Justin Trudeau hasn’t had a very good year so far. From his costume-festooned India trip to his gender budget flop, Pierre’s son has done his best to remind Canadians that Stephen Harper’s 2015 attack ads warning that he just wasn’t ready might not have been that far off. His troubles seem to be increasing—even the spectre of a trade war with Trump hasn’t done much for his polling numbers, despite Conservative politicians being begrudgingly forced to take his side for a change. And then there’s the relentless feministing that ran into a bit of a hiccup recently.

An 18-year-old allegation that he groped a young female reporter in Creston, BC, only apologizing the following day when he realized she worked for a newspaper, has finally begun to percolate through the press after the Ottawa-based satire magazine Frank published it some time ago, followed by former Liberal operative and Trudeau critic Warren Kinsella triggering a number of international news stories when he blasted it around Twitter. Despite an unconvincing denial from the PMO—Trudeau “doesn’t remember” any “negative interactions”—the media is beginning to pick up on the story. The National Post published confirmation of the details. Robyn Urback noted that this story is awkward for Trudeau because of his own zero-tolerance policy in the wake of the #MeToo wave on And the Hamilton Spectator got perilously close to calling him a hypocrite.

Trudeau and his government have been working overtime to prove that their feminist credentials are still impeccable. Canada’s foreign minister refused to answer a simple question from Conservative MP Garnet Genuis on whether Canada was funding illegal abortions overseas, instead stating that the Trudeau government is very, very feminist. The American delegation had to spike language promoting abortion from G7 declarations, inserted there by Trudeau’s team. And now Trudeau is apparently even considering appointing a “special envoy or ambassador for gender equality to advance our feminist approach to foreign policy,” according to documents obtained by Global News. Trudeau, keep in mind, was the one who cancelled the Office for Religious Freedom—but an Ambassador for Feminism is apparently necessary.

It should come as no surprise that the Trudeau government doesn’t have much use for an Ambassador for Religious Freedom. In addition to getting sued by one pro-life organization over the abortion attestation that the government inserted into the Canada Summer Jobs Program application requirements, the government is now also facing a lawsuit from the Christian group Power to Change, as well as a Federal Court case filed yesterday by Sarnia Concrete Products Ltd., which is arguing that the Canada Summer Jobs attestation amounts to compelled speech, forcing it to attest to “a particular position on abortion, a controversial moral, ethical, and social issue and perhaps the most divisive issue in Canada.” Sarnia Concrete argues that the government does not have the right to force businesses to take a position on issues they do not wish to address. This will come as news to the government.

Much like Kathleen Wynne tried to do before her brutal repudiation by Ontario voters, and much like Rachel Notley is trying to do before she likely faces the same fate, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are attempting to implement social engineering at a federal level. On the feminist front, at least, people appear to be getting tired of it—especially since the story of Trudeau groping a young female reporter (and there are likely more stories lurking) seems to be generally accepted. Whether Trudeau’s social engineering will assist in his political demise has yet to be seen.


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