A very bad month in the courts for the transgender movement

By Jonathon Van Maren

It’s been a very bad month in the courts for the transgender movement, from several physicians being convicted of crimes related to malpractice and the treatment of young people for gender dysphoria, to the failure of a monumental smear job that trans activists had launched against a prominent Canadian psychologist. From Breitbart:

A doctor who gave hormones to children as young as 12 has been found guilty of running an unlicensed sex-change service. Welsh GP Helen Webberley faced criminal charges for running an online ‘gender identity’ treatment service without a licence, using the website GernderGP.co.uk.

After working with children and adults and prescribing controversial, irreversible treatments, the General Medical Council (GMC) received complaints and she was stopped for practising in certain areas. The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) launched a case against Webberly last year and refused to give her website a licence before prosecuting the firm and her personally, after she “refused to stop providing services to patients.”

The doctor now faces an unlimited fine after being found guilty at a magistrate’s court on Friday. She will be sentenced in November.

This sort of thing is not only happening in the United Kingdom–the CBC is reporting on a similar case in Canada:

Dr. James Scott Bradley Martin was found incompetent and to have committed professional misconduct on Sept. 25 by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

As a result, Martin was fined $6,000 to cover the college’s costs in his discipline case. He gave up his medical licence and agreed never to apply for a new one in Ontario or anywhere else.

According to documents made public on Oct. 4, the college’s investigation stemmed from two complaints against the London, Ont.-based doctor. Both complaints were made in 2016, when Martin was seeing about 30 patients a week at a clinic focused on transgender care and hormone replacement therapy.

The first complaint stemmed from Martin’s treatment of an adolescent female-to-male transgender patient seeking a mastectomy. According to the college, Martin “lacked judgment” by prescribing the young patient cross-sex hormones during their first visit, without giving them more time to think about the benefits and risks of the treatment and without first assessing the patient’s mental health.

A lack of mental health awareness was also cited in the second complaint, for which an investigator found that Martin had again prescribed hormones on a patient’s first visit. The investigator also found the appointment’s 30-minute time window “concerning” as it suggested the patient may not have had enough time to provide informed consent to the therapy Martin had prescribed.

Anxiety and depression, which commonly occur in young people seeking gender reassignment surgery, were never specifically discussed with either patient, the college said.

“Dr. Martin’s conduct exposed patients to harm or injury, based primarily on Dr. Martin’s initiation of cross-sex hormones at the first visit, as well as Dr. Martin’s lack of understanding regarding the need to assess an adolescent patient’s mental health,” the college wrote in hearing notes posted to Martin’s online profile.

Another case has also been resolved this past month—and it is another blow to transgender activists in Canada. In 2015, they had launched a brutal smear campaign against Dr. Kenneth Zucker, a Toronto psychologist. Barbara Kay described the case in the National Post at the time:

Until last December, CAMH’s Youth and Family Identity Clinic (GIC) helped young children with gender dysphoria explore their mental relationship with their bodies and often, through whole-family therapy, enabled them to reunite with their biological reality. Even 10 years ago, such an outcome would be considered a success story. But, thanks to aggressive activism in the trans movement, today any interventions to prevent gender transitioning in children is deemed by LGBT loyalists — and increasingly by legislators — as insensitive or even abusive. Ontario’s 2015 Bill 77, for example, bans funding for “any services rendered that seek to change or direct the sexual orientation or gender identity of a patient, including efforts to change or direct the patient’s behaviour or gender expression.”

In mid-December, in a double whammy, CAMH announced that the GIC was “winding down” its four-decades service to the community, and that Dr. Kenneth Zucker, GIC’s team leader and an acknowledged academic star in his field, had been let go. Zucker had for years been the target of venomous attacks by activists for practising what they consider “conversion therapy” — the discredited practice of attempting to turn gays straight — which isn’t the case, as Zucker has always been fully supportive of gender transitioning in cases where intervention is unwarranted. But the prevailing emotionalism on the subject has trumped rational dialogue. CAMH’s decision was received with jubilation by trans activists as a victory for the movement.

That smear job has now been exposed, and Dr. Kenneth Zucker has been fully vindicated. The CBC reported the story on October 7:

Canada’s largest mental health centre has apologized to one of its former psychologists and said it will pay him more than half a million dollars years after it published a report that erroneously described the doctor’s interactions with patients.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health released a statement acknowledging that there were errors in an external review of its Gender Identity Clinic, which also detailed the practices of the head of the clinic at the time, Dr. Kenneth Zucker.

“The purpose of the review was to identify best practices and determine how CAMH can best serve children and adolescents with gender dysphoria and their families. The review was not intended to examine Dr. Zucker’s behaviour or specific clinical practices,” said the statement.

The Toronto-based centre said the report wrongly stated that Zucker referred to a patient as “hairy little vermin” among other errors. It noted the report was made public without Zucker’s review or comment.

“CAMH apologizes without reservation to Dr. Zucker for the flaws in the process that led to errors in the report not being discovered and has entered into a settlement with Dr. Zucker that includes a financial payment to him,” the statement said. According to the settlement documents, the centre will pay him $586,000 in damages, legal fees and interest.

Of course, the trans activists who were so delighted to defame and attack Dr. Zucker at the time are now mysteriously quiet now that their tactics have been exposed for what they are. That is the way their hatchet jobs work: They launch an all-out media war, accuse their target of “transphobia” and, ironically, “endangering trans children”—and then, if it all works out, the target’s reputation is in tatters, his career is destroyed, and a loud message is sent to anyone else who might want to ask questions: Shut your mouth and obey us. And then, even if their target is eventually vindicated after a lengthy legal process, they simply and silently move on to their next victim. After all, the process itself is the punishment—even if their smears are proven false, their target is still left with a life largely in shambles.

The primary victims in all of this, of course, continue to be the children who are now serving as guinea pigs for a radical ideology and the unethical physicians willing to serve its purposes. We have not heard the last of them.


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