The victim-blaming of Canada’s abortion activists

By Jonathon Van Maren

You would think that condemning violence against women in any circumstances would be an easy thing to do. But for abortion activists, it turns out that this is not the case.

Most of you will have seen the viral videos of violence by abortion supporters against peaceful pro-life activists—most of them women and girls—in Canada. The videos racked up so many views that even mainstream media outlets began to cover the incidents—although Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, refused to be distracted from their progressive agenda by noting the escalating assaults on peaceful pro-life women.

Canada’s abortion activists, however, were eager to victim-blame. Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has previously blamed peaceful pro-lifers for their owns assaults by stating that people were “provoked” into attacking them—as if abortion supporters are simply incapable of containing their rage at being presented with a point of view that differs from their own. Plenty of people seem excited to advocate violence, and I’ve seen the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada’s Twitter page “like” many of those comments.

Nora Loreto, one of Canada’s more unhinged progressive bloggers (she last gained attention for noting that the reason people cared so deeply about the Humboldt Bronco players who died in a tragic bus crash was their “whiteness” and “maleness”) weighed in on the abortion supporter round-house kicking a pro-life woman on Twitter, first accusing Mary Claire Bissonnette of “yelling”—which the video proves was not the case—and then said that Bissonnette was asking for it.

“Yes, I am blaming her for provoking someone into attacking her,” Loreto tweeted angrily. “Correct. I have zero use for these shitty gonzo tactics that make you guys all lose your mind. What these goons want the state to do to women is a million times worse.” In other words, if you are a woman who disagrees with Loreto and her fellow abortion fanatics, your rights mean nothing to them. Women should not be assaulted—unless they are women who disagree with abortion activists. At that point–go for it.

Fern Hill, the pseudonym used by a Toronto abortion activist, also promptly weighed in, tweeting out: “Blaming the victim is not always wrong. Discuss.” In response to my friend Katie Somer getting assaulted at Ryerson University by an abortion activist wielding a metal clamp, Hill stated: “This is deliberate provocation. Antis know they’ll get this reaction. And they carefully record it…This is on them.”

It is interesting to note that Ms. Hill has absolutely no faith whatsoever in the ability of abortion supporters to restrain themselves from physically attacking those they disagree with. As a matter of fact, pro-life activists do outreach in order to have discussions with pro-choice people, and we have thousands of them—with many of these conversations ending with abortion supporters changing their minds and becoming pro-life.

But to disagree with an abortion activist, apparently, is to invite assault—they’ll support women’s rights, even if it means beating up women.


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