The latest transgender insanities

By Jonathon Van Maren

January 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – When it comes to the transgender movement, there is one thing you can always be assured of: there are more absurdities and flabbergasting demands to come. Last week, for example, The Sun reported that in the United Kingdom, biological males referring to themselves as transgender “women” are being offered cervical exams by the cowed employees of the National Health Service, who are terrified of offending trans activists. It bears mentioning that transgender “women” do not, in fact, have cervixes, but their feelings, on the other hand, must be attended to very carefully.

Additionally, it seems that women who identify as male are not being offered essential cancer screenings, including cervical exams and mammograms, and for the same reason: medical professionals are afraid of offending them. Men identifying as women are also missing important checkup reminders. Transgender people may identify as the opposite sex, but biology doesn’t care about such things, and some experts are warning that this scenario could result in people dying of cancer or other ailments because of sensitivity surrounding transgender identities.

The NHS is also facing scrutiny over the fact that it has apparently been permitting biological men who identify as women to stay in female-only hospital wards, regardless of whether or not they have begun the process of physical transition. This, the Daily Telegraph reported, may violate the Department of Health’s policy of eliminating mixed-sex wards. The NHS isn’t even sure precisely how often this is happening, because despite the confusion this can cause in regard to medical treatment, the NHS generally records the “preferred sex” of the patient rather than the biological sex. This has already led to problems, including an incident in one hospital where a man identifying as a transgender woman distressed female patients by becoming sexually aroused in the women-only ward.

In Canada, a brash young woman named Blair Curtis is demanding that the government of Newfoundland fund her sex change, because she identifies as a “man.” The Chronicle Herald left no doubt as to where it stands on the issue, beginning its coverage of this important story with a solemn statement: “All Blair Curtis wants is to live his life in the body he deserves.” They do not, unfortunately, go on to explain how they determined that Curtis (or anyone) deserves a new body, and simply assumed that it is obvious that the taxpayers should be funding the surgical alterations to make this happen.

Curtis has written to the provincial government, explaining why it is an injustice that sex changes are not being fully paid for. Currently, she is seeking a mastectomy, without which she is reduced to wearing a “chest binder,” which flattens her breasts and allows her to appear masculine in public. As of December 5, Curtis has filed a human rights complaint against the Health Department of Newfoundland and Labrador, specifically naming Health Minister John Haggie. Curtis is specifically upset that the province currently requires that a psychiatric evaluation be performed prior to sex change surgery, which the Chronicle Herald helpfully calls “gender-confirmation surgery” to ensure that its readers think such things are entirely normal and necessary.

Curtis is also upset that her doctor told her to refer to her condition as a “sex disorder,” which Curtis claims is not the case. She is also upset that while the government will fund her mastectomy, it will not cover the cost of reconstructive surgery after that operation. “The surgery I require is the same as someone who had a mastectomy for breast cancer,” Curtis wrote in the complaint, seemingly missing the fact that she does not have breast cancer and is thus amputating healthy body parts. “If a woman had her breasts removed, when recovered, she has the option to receive reconstructive surgery which is cosmetic and covered by MCP.” Curtis also asserted that her surgery is both necessary and life-saving.

The health minister, predictably, is scrambling to make things right and agrees that Curtis should have everything that Curtis demands. After detailing all of the money Curtis wants, the Chronicle Herald helpfully reminded readers that this is not actually about money, except that mostly it is. Just as with the medical professionals of the U.K.’s National Health Service, Newfoundland’s Health Department is caving to trans activists without so much as a whisper of complaint. Nobody, it seems, is willing to point out the difference between a cancer-fighting surgery and a sex change operation.


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