Biological male identifying as female sexually assaults ten-year-old girl in supermarket bathroom

By Jonathon Van Maren

This is the sort of story that should make every parent tremble with rage and remind all of us that there is a real cost to accepting the premises of the transgender movement—and that, as always, that cost will be largely paid by children. According to the UK’s Courier, which obediently and ludicrously refers to a violent male as a “she,” a biological man identifying as a woman named Katie Dolatowski has escaped with a slap on the wrist after sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl in the women’s bathroom at a supermarket:

The woman – who cannot be named to protect the identity of her child – voiced fury that Katie Dolatowski had been freed to serve her sentence in the community. Dolatowski, 18, sexually assaulted the girl in the toilets of Morrisons, Kirkcaldy.

She grabbed the terrified youngster by the face, shoved her into the cubicle and ordered her to remove her trousers. But instead of being jailed at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, Dolatowski, who identifies as a woman but was believed by her victim’s family to be a man, was given community payback and tagging orders.

The mum felt “very, very let down” and said: “I don’t have any confidence whatsoever that he will not go out and do something equally as bad or worse.” The girl had been sledging when the assault occurred on March 4, last year, a month after Dolatowski had filmed a 12-year-old girl on the toilet in another supermarket in Dunfermline.

When she came out of her cubicle, Dolatowski shoved her back in and told her there was a man outside who would kill her mother. The brave schoolgirl, however, punched Dolatowski in the face, stomach and groin and ran to her father and siblings waiting just outside the toilets.

Her mother said the girl was hysterical after the attack and continued to suffer flashbacks. She said: “This is something that will remain with her for the rest of her life. He was stalking the toilets. He went there specifically to attack a child.

“We were so, so lucky that nothing worse happened. It was only her reaction that stopped that. It could have been a five-year-old child that wouldn’t have been able to fight back.”

The court heard Dolatowski had been in the social care system since the age of three and had mental health issues. But the mother said: “A lot of people have been in care but they do not go out and assault children. “I don’t care that he has issues or what his background is, he is a paedophile and he has been let out on a supervision order.”

Dolatowski admitted sexually assaulting the girl and following another girl into the toilets at Asda Halbeath, Dunfermline, on February 8, and trying to film her urinating by holding her mobile phone over the cubicle partition. Banning her from having contact with children, Sheriff James Williamson gave her what he described as a “stringent” community-based sentence, allowing her to be released from Polmont Young Offenders Institution to supported accommodation.

Dolatowski was considered to pose a “moderate risk” of reoffending but Sheriff Williamson said: “I have come to the conclusion that the public will be better protected by the imposition of a stringent community payback order.”

The simple fact is that when you remove all identifiable standards for who is actually a woman and instead say that men with beards and penises can not only identify as women, but gain access to women-only spaces by doing so, you place people in danger. It is insane to think that there are not those who will take advantage of the obliteration of our safety standards, just like the biological men who have decided to identify as women to get sent to female prisons (and rape women there) are doing, and just like this young man who managed to escape jail despite going after female children in the women’s bathroom twice. I’ll bet “Katie” is still allowed in women’s bathrooms, too—you’ll notice that the media and the courts obediently treated this biological male as a woman.

The outraged mother speaks for many of us. The fact that children would be put at risk for the sake of a doomed social experiment advocated by those who wish to do away with the foundations of our civilization is disgusting.


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35 thoughts on “Biological male identifying as female sexually assaults ten-year-old girl in supermarket bathroom

  1. JJ says:

    When did we start believing a man who thinks he’s a woman stops acting like the man he is? 80% of trans identifying men (also referred to as trans gender women) retain their male genitalia. From social media it’s obvious a huge proportion retain patterns of toxic masculinity. This study shows trans identifying men also retain Male patterns of sexuality – I.e. they act like men around females.

    • Sharon says:

      I cannot believe you would disparage a whole group of people for one offender. People come in all shapes and sizes. I certainly don’t agree that there are many men who transgender just so that they molest children.

      • Aaron says:

        No, I’m sure they have other carnal reasons, but those who want to enter women’s washrooms are surely inclined to more dubious actions, which is the authors point.

      • Carol says:

        You want us to list them all. What about all the riots for one death. Like this, it has happened before. Wish people would protest against pedophiles

  2. Lg says:

    Let’s believe this is true because we are so hateful and ignorant to see that this was never reported on actual news (hence false). If this would have actually happened you guys would have been all over it like flies on shit. Needless to say, love how you try to sell your book right under the article!

  3. Jessica says:

    This is unacceptable I would sue the pants off that county!! This angers me crimes against children should be treated as bad as murderers and you let him out to violate another little girl?! They just showed this little girl that all she has to suffer through now doesnt matter but being politically correct does. They wonder why people are losing respect for them in alarming numbers?! Well you let a pedophile out to do this to other little girls!!!

    • Fran says:

      I think those who pass the laws that allow these crimes should be sued and also do time in prison also. They have to be as sick at the perps are if not sicker.

    • TracyB15 says:

      damn straight bottom line if your born a male or born a female stick to your own damn bathrooms. Predators everywhere! I dont give two shits what they identify them selves as its male or female period DNA dont change, and this is about what your born as. Not what your sick twisted mind thinks you are! Thank the damn left side for allowing this nonsense

    • Patricia Baker says:

      I totally agree. That child will never trust anybody looking remotely like that Paedo will she? Thank goodness she was aware of the threat and had enough presence of mind to punch the swine. Her mum and dad have seemingly warned her how to react against any sort of attack. Hopefully she will take up a Defence Sport like a Judo or Karate. It helped my children.

  4. Margaret says:

    This be nice to male bodied tranrapists, murderers, attempted axe murders and pedophiles is the line being pushed by defence lawyers. They all say ‘transwomen’ don’t belong in jail and stupid misognynistic judges are falling for it and handing out ridiculous sentences. Trans splits man’s face in half with long handled axe, tries to chop women’s head off twice. These were random people the offender did not know. Evie Amati will walk free in 21/2 years after serving 41/2 years in total. What a rort!

  5. R.Moore says:

    Man identifies as a woman and a lesbian so its ok… How about the truth, Cross dressing pedophile uses system to molest children in bathroom and pretends to be a victim.

    • Roxy says:

      That was my thought exactly when I read this article. I got the feeling that he dressed up like a woman on purpose just to use this excuse which worked!

  6. Barbara says:

    I would guess then that it should be acceptable for the biological father of the girl to identify as her protector and castrate that pervert and send him on his way!

  7. DeVon says:

    Wow, I am shocked and they got what they want and don’t care who gets hurt in the process and that’s consider paedophiles, they are trying to make it normal cuz LGBT is normal to me and I am totally against it.

  8. Terry L Dillon says:

    The justices if fearful of putting this poor sinful and deranged creature into a jail or prison cell lest s/he be destroyed by angry hard-timers. Figuring what is right to do is becoming increasingly more difficult in our time because at base we want to be merciful to the crazy, but on the other hand our first priority is TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.
    May it never be that a woman or anyone must make a difficult decision alone, but frequently JUDGES DO JUST THIS.
    God opposes the philosophy of “looking out for number one” for it is based on the kind of pridefulness of Satan which we call in our secular society, “Narcissism.” Narcissists are people who were so mistreated as toddlers that they are no longer able to believe in love.
    But we know from our sacred doctrines that MOST SOULS DO LOVE for we have the Tablet of Natural Law inscribed upon our hearts. Most of us do help each other. Most of us would help an animal that was hurt; a bird that fell from a nest is lifted back to the mother. Even the dirtiest homeless person has someone who wants to help him, if no other than a fellow homeless person who holds his hand when he struggles to get down the street.
    In our culture today we understand that tribalism and excessive punishment are counterproductive, so we have mercy on losers like this who would have been beaten to death (not by hard timers, but by our good men) in times past. Today we have enough information to be dangerous to our own cultural health. We know that a person like this is messed up and we want to save him or her. But when it comes to a tiny child, in the womb of the mother, we think it a mercy to let the mother kill it.
    We truly need to fast and pray for cultural wisdom!

  9. Joo says:

    This is exactly why I think the whole bathroom controversy needs to remain as is. Whos to stop a predator from dressing as a woman with a stain on her dress “trying to clean it out” until the prey unguardingly walks in? I have no problem with your decisions, as long as we can maintain the right to be allowed to not be involved in your questionable decisions

  10. E.G. O'Connor says:

    AS long as these a$$holes don’t try this crap with MY kids?

    They’ll live.

    We New Yorkers?…are quite tolerant, but when it comes to pedophiles trying to catch our children in the BATHROOMS?….

    Can you say “Vigilante”?…cuz there won’t be a need for cops

    ’nuff said.

  11. Andrew says:

    I’m unsure why the issues of gender or sexuality are even a point of contention as I see it a crime was committed by adult against one child and the laws are pretty clear but as long as people in this society consistently continue to cloud issues with what people are besides people then nothing can be changed without solid lines drawn
    I’m unsure if the point can be hammered home enough but I thought public washrooms werent set to have a women or a man on the doors to how someone feels but moreso for the type of tackle you have in the box it should clearly be preop trans go where your tackle is meant to go you change change washrooms when you can change the equipment you’re holding or not holding

  12. trumpster says:

    I have one thing to say. If it had happened to one of my daughters, there is no place for this nut job to hide. It wants to be she/male I would chop it off for it and shove it down its throat. Next a well-placed bullet between the eyes would finish it off.

    • Sam says:

      Good Christian love!

      I’m sure your daughter would appreciate your life long incarceration and/or death penalty, depending on where you live, for defending her honor.

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