Otherkin elves and non-binary “monsters”: How transgenderism abolished reality

By Jonathon Van Maren

Those of us who see transgenderism as a dangerous ideology often face questions from those who see it as simply another manifestation of our culture’s embrace of personal bodily autonomy, even if they do find it somewhat strange. It is true, they say, that some men feel like they are women and some women feel like they are men, and so why should we care if they decide to identify as the opposite sex? If it makes them happy, isn’t that a good enough reason to live and let live?

There are obviously a wide range of responses to this attitude. The first is that a biological man, by virtue of being a man, cannot understand what it feels like to be a woman. Thus, when a man claims to be a woman based on the fact that he has always felt like one, that argument is dead on arrival. That is information that nature has made inaccessible to him—and that’s not even to mention the various physical experiences that women have that men do not. The same is true vice versa.


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