In Canada, babies are born alive and die after abortions–150 in 2018

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of Canada’s best pro-life bloggers is Pat Maloney, who writes at Run With Life and has consistently made use of Freedom of Access to Information Requests to uncover shocking and sobering information about Canada’s ugly abortion regime. Her work on the issue of babies born alive in Canada after abortions and left to die, and her research into the 491 babies that survived abortions and subsequently died between 2000 and 2009 triggered a National Post investigation and a call by Members of Parliament for RCMP involvement. In a country where there are no legal restrictions on abortion from fertilization until birth, awful things are guaranteed to occur. Maloney has been fantastic at uncovering those horrors.

Her latest discovery is timely considering the fact that abortion, as always, is a hot topic in Canada’s federal election (never in the history of the country has there been a “closed debate” that receives so much media attention, stump campaigning, and oppo research.) Canada’s progressive politicians (who only campaign on their pro-abortion credentials in English and French, but ensure that their campaign literature in Punjabi, Urdu, and other common languages avoid all social conservative issues to avoid alienating new Canadians, who reliably tell pollsters that regardless of how they vote, they are very traditionalist in regard to their values.) Research like Maloney’s is very inconvenient to the progressive narrative of a compassionately pro-choice country:

Live birth abortions continue to happen in Canada.

Here are the latest numbers of late term abortions in Canada from CIHI. There were 910 late-term (20 weeks and greater) stillbirths and 150 born alive abortions. ([See] previous years here.)

20 of these born alive abortions were greater than 25 weeks gestation.

107 of these born alive abortions were between 21 – 24 weeks gestation.

23 of these born alive abortions were 20 weeks gestation.

Note: These are for hospital abortions only and do not include clinics or physician’s offices. These numbers also do not include late-term abortions done in Quebec.

Think about this carefully for a moment: A “born alive abortion” means that the child was born, and then subsequently died, often in the presence of parents or medical personnel. This is happening in Canada, while Justin Trudeau scampers across the country claiming that opposition to these sorts of things is evidence of a medieval mindset. His government is funding the death of these children around the world and in developing countries—and although he likes to claim that Canadians are in lockstep behind him on this issue, keep in mind that a full 80% of Canadians do not know that we have no restrictions on abortion. That means that the vast majority of people who are claiming to support Canada’s abortion regime have no idea how brutal and extreme that regime actually is.

And that, of course, is why abortion activists will do everything to try and close this debate, including the censorship of billboards that simply read “Canada has no abortion laws.” The supporters of Canada’s abortion regime would like the discussion to be filled with rhetoric and devoid of facts—and they want to keep the babies who perish after being born out of sight, tucked away in medical bio-hazardous waste buckets or in dumpsters with lids shut tight. Maloney has reminded us once again that they were here, briefly, before dying before they could even see or enjoy this country that our politicians will spend the upcoming weeks bragging about. For them, the promise of Canada is a cruel joke.

6 thoughts on “In Canada, babies are born alive and die after abortions–150 in 2018

  1. Barbara Dempsey says:

    I read through this article and it saddened me in so many ways…I shared and will continue to fight for the rights of the voiceless little lives that as you said didn’t have a chance at life all in the name of women’s selfish rights. I am so upset and have to keep it together with my thoughts or I would just lose it altogether. Please keep me informed and if there’s anything I can do let me know

  2. Kristy Tsang says:

    I am absolutely outraged about this article. Stats aren’t facts! You don’t know these families stories. Nobody in their right mind would carry a baby well into their 2nd almost third trimester who didn’t want it. Medical complications happen and some aren’t discovered until the 20 week ultrasound. I myself found out my baby had an extreme case of Skeletal Dysplasia and couldn’t sustain life. I didn’t want an abortion, I had been trying to conceive for over 3 years. These families have suffered enough. They shouldn’t have to defend why they needed to give up their baby. These wounds are deep enough. Maybe instead of just posting the facts, you could ask the medical community some questions first. After my experience I have had so many women share their stories and suffering with me. These babies are loved, they have names, and they aren’t medical waste. That’s just B.S. In Canada when a baby is born after 20 weeks they get a funeral or cremated. Women never forget a baby they have had to give up.
    We shouldn’t be debating women’s rights. This is 2019. I’m horrified this topic has even surfaced in Canada of all places

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      Yes, every situation is different. No, not every woman is happy about getting an abortion. Yes, some think they need one. But none of that detracts from what abortion actually is and what it does to a pre-born child. Pre-born children who are sick or have terminal conditions also deserve love and compassion, regardless of how short their lives are. They didn’t deserve to have their lives ended this way, and no amount of grief erases the fact that they were killed by abortion. That is what abortion DOES, and it is not a right.

    • Cameron says:

      birth defects account for 2% of abortions. 2% rape… The rest are healthy babies, 16% of which are born then the head is krpt in the uterus as the doctor shoves scissors into its brain and chops it up. Anyone with a rational bone in their body or an ounce of humanity left can see how very wrong that is and honestly to me feels worse than murdering a stranger. All in the name of convenience. This goes against any natural inherent law that dictates the decency every human being should live by and I hope one day the practise ends and an upcoming generation begins to value morality, virtue and responsibility over the race to wokeness or inserting themselves in the victim hierarchy

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