World-renowned child psychiatrist calls trans treatments “possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history”

By Jonathon Van Maren

Is the medical community finally starting to push back against the transgender tidal wave that has swept through medical institutions in just a few years? While several critics have come forward to express concern—and have been immediately targeted with brutal smear campaigns and often had their careers destroyed—a new letter has been released signed by dozens of doctors and medical professionals who are deeply concerned with where all of this is going. From The Australian:

More than 200 doctors in three days have added their names to a medicos’ petition urging Health Minister Greg Hunt to call a wide-ranging parliamentary inquiry into risky medical treatment of young people who believe they were born in the wrong body. Nine child psychiatrists, nine paediatricians, and 14 university professors and associate professors are among the signatories so far to the doctors’ letter launched online on Sunday. They support a 16-page inquiry brief sent to Mr Hunt earlier this month by Western Sydney University professor of paediatrics John Whitehall. The plan is to present the petition to the minister before parliament resumes in mid-October.

Last month, Mr Hunt referred concerns to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians but Dr Whitehall and supporters do not believe the college is capable of running the comprehensive and independent inquiry needed. Meanwhile, world-renowned child and adolescent psychiatrist Christopher Gillberg says he thinks unproven treatment of trans-identifying children is “possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history”. Professor Gillberg’s neuro­psychiatry group at Sweden’s Gothenburg University — which has research hubs in Britain, France and Japan — has called for an immediate moratorium on the use of puberty blocker drugs because of their unknown long-term effects.

Consider how strong that language is, coming from a world-renowned child psychiatrist: “Possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history.” This is why, as I noted last week, that there are those who believe that the medical malpractice lawsuits that follow this horrific social experiment are going to be astronomical. More:

He said the situation in Sweden was “absolutely horrendous”, with hundreds of children a year given “experimental” puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, risking infertility, “in the face of their parents’ doubts”. Dr Whitehall and Oxford University professor of evidence-based medicine Carl Heneghan have also claimed that lack of solid, long-term evidence makes trans medical treatment of children “experimental”.

The Australian sought comment from Melbourne’s Royal Chil­d­ren’s Hospital, home of the na­tion’s biggest child gender clinic. The spokesman for the doctors’ letter, Rob Pollnitz, a retired paediatrician with 50 years’ experience, said he believed gender confusion in children and adolescents was chiefly a psychological issue, not biological.

“Before we give them unproven treatments with hormones and surgery, we ought to do our very best to sort out their psychological issues,” he said. Critics of the pro-trans “affirmation model”, spearheaded in Australia by the RCH, say they believe it focuses on “gender dysphoria” (conflict between identity and biological sex) at the expense of multiple other issues — such as autism, anorexia, family trauma or depression — in need of treatment.

Professor Gillberg said the vast majority of new diagnoses of gender dysphoria in Sweden were teenage girls who, unlike more familiar early-onset cases involving males, “did not show any trans tendencies before the age of 10 years”.

“Many of the Swedish (late-onset) cases have autism or anorexia nervosa,” he said. He added it was very common for these young people “to have even more identity problems in pub­erty — who am I? How should I behave? What will become of me? Am I hetero? — than average.

“This identity crisis almost always resolves within a few years,’’ he said. “I believe that it is this group that is now recruited by the activists in the field.” The trans lobby has complained that the treatment debate started by Professor Gillberg in Sweden will make young trans people question their identity.

Gillberg brings up the fact that the so-called “affirmation model” may be destroying thousands of children, and how do the trans activists respond? By worrying that this will make “trans people question their identity”—even though people are supposed to be able to express their own identity now. The fact is that children are being recruited, and that once they are recruited, they often embark on behaviors that will permanently alter them physically for the rest of their lives.

The decision of Gillberg and several hundred others to speak out is incredibly encouraging, and I hope that the conversation continues. We desperately need medical experts to speak out, to support parents who are being pushed to one side by LGBT activists, and to inform our governments that this is a social experiment, and that it is being done on children who cannot yet understand the consequences of what we are doing.

11 thoughts on “World-renowned child psychiatrist calls trans treatments “possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history”

    • Sam says:

      Seriously? You don’t want preventative mammograms, blood tests, diabetic blood sugar monitoring, hypotensives for those with high blood pressure? How about pre-natal care, pre-natal nutrition and vitamins and pregnancy best practices?

      Everything to the dumpster?

  1. Khayri R.R. Woulfe says:

    So these 200 doctors are claiming that trans teens are suffering from autism and anorexia? Wow! We’re suddenly back in the 1900s when LGBT are considered sick people, despite no correlational evidences being provided ever since.

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      I suggest you re-read the article and their critiques a bit more carefully. And I’ll also point out that the “T” has almost nothing to do with the L,G, or B.

      • Amy Keinath says:

        It’s autogynaphilia dressed up as a rights movement and we’re all supposed to bow to their every whim or we’re transphobic.

    • Brenda Pipher says:

      My trans child, well adult now, but anyway, has depression, anxiety, adhd, autism scale, and dissociative disorder, so that’s one. They’re not claiming that anyway, they’re saying many of them, not all of them. But thank you for proving the point, any criticism of LGBT is met with stiff resistance, no matter the evidence. It’s so bad now that you have LGB without the T, they want a divorce, so to speak.

  2. Michael McGettigan says:

    Hmmm, well, young people are “recruited” to go into the armed forces where they learn to commit unspeakable acts upon other human beings. Let’s think on that before presuming to know what transgender folk are going through.

  3. Laurie says:

    There is no viable evidence that one is Transgender. All the so called medical indications are a desired interpretation to give validity to this ideological movement which renders the science, junk science. All people who “Identify” as other than the sex they were born to are suffering from identity disorders as with anorexia and Body Integrity Identity Disorders this is what Transgenderism is. Trans Identified People are all in the same psychological illness family of body dysphoria. Science has always had a Frankenstein dark side in fact, it is where medical science began. Doctors should never have allowed men to be surgically and chemically altered to meet a fetish desire. Transgenderism started as a male only disease for 50 years or more before females began to join in. Transgenderism is a male fetish fantasy of Autogynephilia. You CAN NOT change your sex, you can only feminize the male body (always male) or masculinize the female body (always female). Forcing biological science to give a desired answer to validate your illness isn’t science, it’s junk science.

    As far as the brains goes there is such a thing as neuroplasticity where the brain changes its physically and chemically to accommodate new learned information that one acts upon. When one learns to read and write for instance, no matter how old you are the brain changes to accommodate this new learned info. So, when a Transgender person dies and the brain is examined and it appears to correlate to their “identity” it isn’t a fixed evolutionary biological reason for it. It is the brains reaction to a desired idea, a way of thinking that then becomes ones behavior to fulfill that idea.

    There is no such thing as Transgenderism there is only ones desire for it and their actions to make it appear to be true.

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