The American abortion rate is the lowest it has been since Roe v. Wade

By Jonathon Van Maren

Many of you will have seen the phenomenal news that the abortion rate in the United States continues to drop, plunging to the lowest rate since it was first legalized in 1973. Not only that, but the abortion rate is declining in all areas of the country, and this drop appears to be the continuation of a years-long trend.

In order to better understand the new statistical data—abortion activists are already claiming that pro-life efforts have nothing to do with the decline—I spoke with my friend Dr. Michael New, one of the foremost researchers on abortion statistics in the United States. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Political Science and Social Research at the Catholic University of America as a well as an Associate Scholar at the Charlotte Lozier Institute and a Fellow at the Witherspoon Institute. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Stanford University, and his articles on the impact of state-level abortion legislation have appeared in peer-reviewed journals.


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