So now we’re supposed to believe that men have periods, too

By Jonathon Van Maren

Not a single week goes by without the cultic transgender madness spreading deeper and further into our culture, and not a single week goes by without some new story that indicates we have left the safe harbor of reality, cut the moorings, and launched out onto stormy seas. The latest push came in the form of trans activists insisting that it is not just women who have periods—many different kinds of people, according to them, have periods, and it is essential that each and every one of us get on board with this brand-new fact they’ve only just invented.

NARAL Pro-Choice America, which has moved on from the language of “no uterus, no opinion” that they used to shout men into silence for a half-century, tweeted a Huffington Post article titled “Here’s what it’s like to get your period when you’re not a woman.” The author, Cara Bliss, shared her experience thusly:

Have you ever been in a bathroom stall and needed to throw away a used tampon or pad, but realized there was nowhere to put it?

I have ― almost every single day that I have my period. Why? Because I use the men’s bathroom.


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