Westminster forces abortion and same-sex marriage on Northern Ireland

By Jonathon Van Maren

Sad news this week out of Northern Ireland: Westminster has imposed abortion and same-sex marriage on the unwilling population. From the Daily Caller:

The British Parliament…legalize[d] same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland at midnight Monday. The British parliament imposed an amendment on a “routine bill” in July that will legalize gay marriage and abortion as of midnight Monday, according to the New York Times….Northern Ireland’s regional government blocked abortion in 2017 before collapsing, according to the Times, and the British Parliament took advantage of the opportunity to add the amendment legalizing abortion and same-sex marriage. Northern Ireland holds the world record for going the longest period of time without a sitting government after going more than 589 days without a government, the Independent reports.

Northern Ireland formerly had some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in Europe; Northern Ireland and Poland both banned all abortions except on the basis of health or therapeutic grounds, according to the Center for Reproductive Rights. Northern Ireland’s abortion laws included the provision of mental health, and Poland’s laws permitted abortion in cases of rape, fetal impairment, incest.

For those of you interested in exactly what happened in Northern Ireland, Bernadette Smyth of NI’s largest pro-life organization, Precious Life, joined me a few months ago to explain how abortion was being pushed on Northern Ireland despite the fact that a majority of the population is opposed to it. You can check out that interview here.

Malta now stands alone.

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