Can anything stop the LGBT juggernaut?

By Jonathon Van Maren

Since my column last week warning that Christian communities have virtually no defence against LGBTQ activists who fully intend to come after our schools (like they did in Alberta last year), our freedom of speech and assembly (like Trinity Western University, a small evangelical university that found itself the subject of a years-long judicial witch-hunt), and are attempting to make bar-none approval of the entire LGBTQ agenda a pre-requisite for public life, a number of people have assured me that most people are not yet on board with the transgender “men can get pregnant” crazy train.

I actually agree with that completely.

This agenda is being imposed from the top down, and I’ve not only noted this fact in many columns (especially those taking a look at the increasing restrictions on the ability to criticize gender ideology in the United Kingdom) but also on my podcasts. One of the reasons I remained hopeful in the face of the rainbow juggernaut is because it is transparently obvious that most people find the idea that women have penises or that gender is fluid to be ridiculous. Most people simply have too much common sense to climb on board with this stuff, which is why Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv was the trans movement’s worst nightmare: He was exposing where their crazy train is taking us.


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