Female student fights back tears as board rules that biological boys can use locker room

I wrote about this last week, but take a minute and watch this short video clip. Watch the female student fight back tears as she explains that she doesn’t want boys to see her change naked (she’s a swimmer and uses the locker room to change.) These girls are being cruelly victimized for the sake of a massive social experiment completely detached from reality, and it is disgusting and heartbreaking what is being done to them.

3 thoughts on “Female student fights back tears as board rules that biological boys can use locker room

  1. Daman says:

    The board did not just vote that boys can use the girls locker room. In fact, most of this trandsgender stuff started when a biological girl wanted to use the boys locker and restroom. So sick of everyone framing this as pervert boys want access to the girls locker room. This board voted that transgender people have full access to BOTH locker rooms. The boys privacy will also be invaded. But then again, males are the defective replaceable gender in this culture.

    • -D says:

      Yes boys privacy will be invaded but do most of them care that a biological girl is changing or using the facilities alongside them, probably not. The concern with this is that there have already been multiple cases of girls getting sexually abused and assaulted in there own bathrooms / locker rooms by biological boys, but as far as I’m aware there have been no cases of boys getting sexually abused or assaulted in there own bathrooms / locker rooms by biological girls

      Here is just one of many examples of sexual assault from a “Gender fluid boy” in a girls bathroom

      I don’t see why people have a problem using private bathrooms or changing rooms where I am there are multiple transgender people and they use and prefer using there own facilities, it’s like a third gender with all of it’s own facilities that look identical to boys/girls facilities and have the same maintenance so you cant say there mistreated or being discriminated. Those who have to deal with the opposite gender watching/being with them are the ones being punished because they have no where to go if they want any privacy, safety, respect or a chance to keep there dignity.

      ““The guidance makes me feel that my desire for privacy, dignity, safety and respect is wrong.

      It makes me feel sad, powerless and confused.”

      Think about this for a moment: a young girl is being forced to sue for the right to privacy in the change-rooms, where she understandably does not want to be seen undressing by a biological boy. One of the largely unremarked on aspects of the so-called bathroom wars is that judges, activists, school board members, and other adults are actively attempting to destroy the natural sense of modesty that many girls still have, telling them, in effect, that they need to get over it, strangle their transphobia, and accept that people with penises now have the right to be in the same room with them when they get changed.

      What these adults are doing to these girls is nothing short of disgusting. I hope these brave girls succeed in their fight against men and women who are telling them to shut up and do as they’re told—even if it means boys seeing them without their clothes on.”

      -Quoted from https://thebridgehead.ca/2020/02/06/thirteen-year-old-girl-sues-county-for-the-right-not-to-share-change-rooms-with-biological-boys/ (Vary bottom)

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