“I feel sad, powerless, and confused”: 13-year-old girl sues for the right not to share change-rooms with biological boys

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the backlash to the transgender revolution grows—I noted the number of laws being put forward in the U.S., as well as the outrage of radical feminists and “de-transitioners” earlier this week—one of the primary sources of pushback is coming from teenage girls who are being forced to live in the world adult ideologues are building for them. Girls have sued their schools over biological boys being allowed in their bathrooms, staged walkouts in protest, and even taken matters into their own hands and tried to prevent boys from entering their bathrooms by force (although one judge ruled that they had no right not to be seen undressed by biological males.) And now, from The Sun, comes another case:

A 13-year-old schoolgirl has launched a legal battle to force a council to scrap its guidance to students questioning their gender identity, it is reported. The secondary school pupil is demanding Oxfordshire County Council overturns its ‘Trans Inclusion Toolkit’ – which includes advice that trans pupils should be able to use whatever toilets, changing rooms and school trip dorm rooms they prefer.

 The girl’s lawyer filed a request for a judicial review against Oxfordshire County Council at the High Court in London. She said the 65-page guide is compromising her safety, privacy and dignity. The girl’s lawyer filed a request for a judicial review against the council at the High Court in London, the Daily Mail reports. They claim the toolkit puts her at risk. The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she had felt “sad, powerless and confused” by the guidelines, and that schoolgirls should have been consulted first.

She added: “I don’t understand how allowing boys and girls to share private spaces is okay.” She also said she feared that the toolkit’s advice to allow flexibility in single-sex sports could be “unsafe”. The council “utterly refutes” claims it is jeopardising children’s safety.

The Telegraph also reported on the story:

The teenager who brought the action said: “The toolkit has a very significant impact on me as a girl. I am very surprised that the council never asked the opinion of girls in Oxfordshire about what we thought before they published the toolkit. 

Under these guidelines I have no right to privacy from the opposite sex in changing rooms, loos or on residential trips. Sports could end up being unsafe as I am a really small teenage girl and boys are bigger than girls. This guidance could be used in any educational establishment in Oxfordshire, which possibly includes sports clubs.”

“The guidance makes me feel that my desire for privacy, dignity, safety and respect is wrong.

It makes me feel sad, powerless and confused.”

Think about this for a moment: a young girl is being forced to sue for the right to privacy in the change-rooms, where she understandably does not want to be seen undressing by a biological boy. One of the largely unremarked on aspects of the so-called bathroom wars is that judges, activists, school board members, and other adults are actively attempting to destroy the natural sense of modesty that many girls still  have, telling them, in effect, that they need to get over it, strangle their transphobia, and accept that people with penises now have the right to be in the same room with them when they get changed.

What these adults are doing to these girls is nothing short of disgusting. I hope these brave girls succeed in their fight against men and women who are telling them to shut up and do as they’re told—even if it means boys seeing them without their clothes on.

2 thoughts on ““I feel sad, powerless, and confused”: 13-year-old girl sues for the right not to share change-rooms with biological boys

  1. Laurie Wardlaw says:

    This same issue is happening at my daughters High School. Why is it decided on by a few people is my question. My city was totally against it, but the School Board (majority of men) decided to do it anyway. For High School kids to stand up and say no to this, puts them in danger by the LGBTQ community. Parents that stood up to them have been bullied, threatened, and called terrible names. Just because I don’t want different sexes in the locker rooms, bathrooms in school makes me Transphobic, which I’m not. What’s next, unisex bathrooms for public use in public places? Now we are seriously putting our children and also the transgender children in danger. Why do they not see this as a problem? Lawsuits will be filed by the bus load! I personally do not want a penis in my daughters locker room or bathrooms at school.

  2. Catherine says:

    Oh but the LGBTQ crowd will still have it “safe spaces”. There will be no tampering with that.
    They always talk about how they feel “threatened m” it “unsafe”.
    Yet look at what they’re inflicting on others.
    Young, vulnerable people too.

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