All of the right people lost last night in the UK’s second referendum on Brexit

By Jonathon Van Maren

U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson secured a smashing victory last night, routing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party up and down the country, snatching seats that Labour has held for nearly a century, and ending the evening with sweeping majority of 364 seats to Labour’s 203. Every commentator seems to agree that this political earthquake constitutes the dawn of a new era, but very few can pinpoint what precisely it means and what the Reign of Boris will look like.

As I wrote in this space when Johnson first took up residence at 10 Downing Street, I’m under no illusion that the mop-topped political chameleon is a social conservative. His track record on promoting the LGBT agenda and his bullishness on abortion indicate a politician that operates based on the principles of Machiavelli rather than Moses, and one of the reasons that nobody is completely sure what sort of conservative leader Johnson will be in the long run is because he has been remarkably willing to change his views if it appears to be expedient.


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