The Trudeau government is planning to ban “conversion therapy”–and here’s why that is a huge problem

By Jonathon Van Maren

Very few people noticed or commented on it, but back in September, the Liberal Party of Canada promised that if Canadian voters re-elected a Liberal government, they would seek to amend the Criminal Code to ban so-called “conversion therapy,” with the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh hastening to say that his party has been “talking about this for years.” Dr. Kristopher Wells, an LGBT activist who has, among other things, shared a cartoon comparing Christians to Nazis, posted sexually explicit content on social media, and relentlessly promoted curriculum and materials that promote a wide range of sexual acts and experimentation for minors, greeted the news as long overdue. Justin Trudeau’s mandate letter to Justice Minister David Lametti duly requested that the minister make it happen.

Many social conservatives are loath to comment on so-called “conversion therapy” bans due to the fact that propagandists and activists such as Wells insinuate that these bans are necessary to ensure that homosexual and gender-confused youth are not subject to electroshock therapy or other cruelties. The reality is far different. Andre Schutten of the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) and his team have been doing much-necessary work explaining and exposing what these bans would mean for Christians in Canada (their policy report is very thorough). Schutten explained in an interview why we should be so concerned by the latest Liberal move.


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