Transgender clinic workers resign in protest over concerns for children, the Methodists split over gay marriage (and other stories)

By Jonathon Van Maren

A few stories on the latest culture war happenings. Like me, I’m sure you didn’t miss keeping up with this stuff over the Christmas holidays.


The scandals emanating from so-called transgender clinics are proceeding apace, with consistent resignation from staff highlighting the experimental nature of what is being done to children in this institutions. From The Telegraph:

A transgender clinic has been hit by 35 resignations in three years, as psychologists warn of “overdiagnoses” of gender dysphoria among children. The whistleblowers said too many children were being put on puberty-blocking drugs when they should not have been given the diagnosis.

Former staff said they were unable to properly assess patients over fears they will be branded “transphobic”. The concerns were raised by six psychologists who have resigned from London’s children’s gender-identity service in the past three years.

One psychologist, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Our fears are that young people are being over-diagnosed and then over-medicalised. We are extremely concerned about the consequences for young people… For those of us who previously worked in the service, we fear that we have had front row seats to a medical scandal.”

Thirty-five psychologists have resigned from London’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust since 2016, the investigation by Sky News reveals. One psychologist said: “The alarm started ringing for me… I didn’t feel able to voice my concerns, or when I did I was often shut down by other affirmative clinicians. Looking back there are young people who I now wouldn’t necessarily put on medication.”

As I’ve said before, this is going to end very badly—and with permanent implications for the poor kids involved.


Remember how back in the day, feminists went to war against stereotypes that dictated “gender-specific” toys? Well, those days are rapidly beginning to feel like the good old days. Now, we’ve not only decided that the feminists are wrong, but it turns out that if a boy plays with dolls or girls like Tonka trucks, it might be time to trans them. From NBC:

Transgender children may start to identify with toys and clothes typical of their gender identity from a very young age, a recent study suggests. And their confidence in their gender identity is generally as strong as that of cisgender children, whose identity matches their sex assigned at birth, researchers found.

“Trans kids are showing strong identities and preferences that are different from their assigned sex,” lead author Selin Gulgoz said in a press statement. “There is almost no difference between these trans- and cisgender kids of the same gender identity — both in how, and the extent to which, they identify with their gender or express that gender.”

For the study, researchers interviewed 317 transgender children, ages 3 to 12, and 189 of the children’s siblings. They also interview 316 cisgender kids.

Notice the ages there—ages three to twelve.


If you want some encouraging news for a change, check out this update by Mass Resistance on a string of victories they’ve had attempting to deny Drag Queen Storytime access to public libraries.


I suppose this isn’t funny, but sometimes woke politicians are trying so hard it is hard not to chuckle. Like this Lib Dem MP, who has announced that she is not gay, not straight, not bi—she’s just pretty much up for anything and needed to tell the press about it. From the BBC:

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has announced she is pansexual and in a relationship with a woman. The MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, who previously only had relationships with men, told PinkNews she is in a relationship with ex-Lib Dem press officer Rosy Cobb.

Pansexuality describes those who are attracted to a person regardless of their sex or gender.

“It’s about the person themselves,” said Ms Moran. Speaking to the PinkNews website, Ms Moran – a potential candidate to become the next Lib Dem leader – also criticised Parliament as a “weird, backwards place” for LGBTQ people.

Poor Moran. She really seems to be struggling in what the U.K. media has called “the gayest parliament in the world.” Perhaps she’ll feel better if she receives more accolades for devil-may-care attitude towards sexuality.


After African clergy fended off attempts by post-Christian progressives to trash orthodox understandings of sexuality and relationships in the United Methodist Church early last year, the UMC’s uneasy marriage between those who still cling to biblical teaching and those who reject them has come to an end:

The United Methodist Church (UMC) announced Friday it will be dealing with ongoing divisions over homosexuality by formally splitting, with the formation of a new denomination for Methodists who hold to a Biblical understanding of sex and marriage.

The church has been divided over the issues of same-sex “marriage” and homosexual clergy, with its General Conference voting in February against compromising its opposition. Tensions have continued since, however, and on Friday the church announced the formation of a new “traditional Methodist” denomination for more conservative Methodists, the New York Times reports

This is not quite the victory LGBT activists within the UMC wanted, as they had attempted to drag the whole denomination in their direction. But when that failed, they decided to offload those who refused to interrupt their ongoing elimination of Methodist beliefs and traditions. Like most other mainline churches, a total collapse in membership is likely not far behind.

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