The New York Times has no patience for gutsy, pro-life, conservative women like Meghan McCain

By Jonathon Van Maren

If you were told that the New York Times would be publishing a piece condemning a recent performance by one of the hosts of The View, you might think that a rebuke of Joy Behar’s recent decision to approvingly quote white nationalist Richard Spencer was forthcoming. But, unsurprisingly, you would be wrong. Shamira Ibrahim’s column “’The View’ Has a Meghan McCain Problem” is snobby, condescending, and clueless.

I was not previously a huge Meghan McCain fan, but her tenure at The View has changed my mind. In fact, I’ve actually taken to watching clips of the show simply to watch her spar with her almost entirely liberal co-hosts. It takes guts to get up every day knowing that your colleagues find many of your views repulsive, that the audience will often boo your points of view, and that the progressive mob on Twitter will never be satisfied until they’re hoisting your head on a pike. But McCain does it, and she does it well.


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