An abortion clinic is requesting that desperately-needed medical supplies be donated to their staff

By Jonathon Van Maren

Earlier this week, I noted that several states were shutting down abortion clinics in order to preserve the badly-needed medical supplies for medical workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Many clinics are defying state orders to close their doors, although the pro-life group Created Equal has confirmed that clinics in Texas are shutting down. Abortion activists and industry representatives are livid, claiming that destroying pre-born children in the womb is an “essential service” and that despite the shortage of medical supplies and calls for social distancing and self-quarantines, the abortions must go on. Moloch must not go hungry come hell or highwater.

Some abortion activists have claimed that clinics do not use up medical supplies necessary for frontline workers who have been highlighting a shortage. But as it turns out, at least one Planned Parenthood abortion centre is asking people to donate the very supplies those working to save lives so desperately need. From The Daily Caller:

Planned Parenthood Keystone is requesting donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used specifically for abortions, despite a nationwide shortage of PPE to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Planned Parenthood of Keystone, Pennsylvania, posted Tuesday on Facebook requesting donations of PPE such as hand sanitizer and shoe covers. Planned Parenthood Keystone oversees nine health centers in eastern and central Pennsylvania and is a branch of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The request for donations is also posted on Planned Parenthood Keystone’s website. “In uncertain times like this, Planned Parenthood is as committed to patients as always,” the organization said. “We will provide as many people as possible with the critical sexual healthcare they need to stay safe and healthy. In order to help us do this, please consider donating hand sanitizer, home sewn masks, shoe covers, and surgical hats to protect our medical staff as they continue to provide care in our communities,” the request for donations added.

The PPE that Planned Parenthood Keystone is requesting will be used for abortions only, since Planned Parenthood Keystone has stated that it will only be performing abortions. Planned Parenthood Keystone announced Tuesday that all of its health centers intended for “family planning visits” are closed effective March 23. “At this time,” the group posted on Facebook in bold lettering, “Planned Parenthood Keystone is serving patients in Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, Warminster, Reading, York, and Harrisburg for abortion services only.”

The Planned Parenthood branch’s request for PPE came as the death toll and number of cases of COVID-19 increase in the United States and multiple state health departments ban abortions to preserve PPE. Hospitals, health workers and health officials have emphasized the shortage of PPE to care for coronavirus victims. Citizens have begun to take matters into their own hands by crafting and donating PPE, while President Donald Trump said more supplies are on their way.

Some abortionists and activists have actually been tweeting that abortion services are “time-sensitive,” without mentioning the fact that the reason these procedures are “time-sensitive” is because if they don’t take place, a living baby girl or boy will be born. A pandemic is crippling the global economy and killing thousands, but for some ghouls the key concern here is not that too many people will die, but that too few will. I understand that this is not how they would frame it, but let’s not kid ourselves: They know that the babies they are aborting are babies. One abortionist, in a bizarre attempt to defend her work, tweeted that she was doing abortions and prenatal care in the same day, and that both were “healthcare.” She didn’t attempt to explain the schizophrenia between carefully ensuring that one pre-born child was healthy before lunch and crushing the skull of a baby the same age after lunch.

I hope everybody is watching this. When this is all over, I hope they remember that while frontline medical workers were running short of medical supplies, a franchise of America’s largest abortion chain was putting out calls to have those supplies rerouted to those ending lives rather than those saving them.

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