Following Texas, Oklahoma governor orders abortions to stop in face of pandemic

By Jonathon Van Maren

With experts warning that the coronavirus pandemic is going to place enormous strain on the health care system and speculating about potential shortages of PPE (personal protective equipment) and even of medical professionals themselves, the abortion industry is fighting tooth and nail to keep its doors open — even if essential medical supplies need to get diverted to those ending lives rather than those saving them.

Some abortion facilities in Texas and Ohio are still protesting state orders to close their doors in preparation for the pandemic, and abortion activists in Texas are suing the state over an executive order to halt abortions. Abortion activists are claiming that their services, which physically destroy pre-born children in the womb, are “essential” and “time-sensitive.”

According to Created Equal, an Ohio-based pro-life organization leading the charge to lobby states to shut the abortion industry down, “8 states have ordered abortions to stop.” According to Mark Harrington of Created Equal, “[s]urgical abortions have been specifically ordered to stop in OH, TX, LA, MS, TN, KY, OK, IA. Non-essential surgeries have been banned, yet abortions continue in MD, FL, CO, MI, RI, AZ, NY, AK, IN, WV, GA, VT.”


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