A must-see nature documentary for the entire family

By Jonathon Van Maren

A couple of years ago, I reviewed a breathtaking and rather unique documentary in this space: The Riot and the Dance, a nature documentary created by Christian filmmakers and focusing on what the artwork of Creation could tell us about the Creator. Earlier this year, a second installment—The Riot and the Dance: Water—was released, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is available to watch for a limited time for free from VidAngel.

Many parents are committed to keeping their children engaged without plonking them in front of screens during this surreal time of social quarantine, but I would urge you to make an exception for this film. It is gorgeous journey through God’s underwater ecosystems, and it reminded me all over again why I have always been obsessed with watching creatures in the wild. But still, the scenes in this film are extraordinary: When I went whale-watching most recently, I managed only to see several humpback whales breaching and a pod of orca whales. These filmmakers captured an enormous humpback surging up from the deep, propelling thirty metric tons skyward in a show of phenomenal power.


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