Some women are claiming that “abortion is beautiful.” Here is the truth.

By Jonathon Van Maren

In my ten years of pro-life activism, one of the most common tropes I have heard from abortion supporters is that nobody likes abortion.

Pro-life activists, we are often told reproachfully, are simply making people who already feel terrible about a very difficult decision even worse. In short: Everybody knows that abortion is terrible, and there is no reason for pro-lifers to expend so much energy attempting to explain to people why it is terrible.

That is certainly true for many people that we meet. Many women—and men—feel awful about the abortions they have endured or procured, and there are certainly many women who feel that abortion was simply one awful choice in a series of equally terrible options. Abortion regret is very real, and often very raw. I have seen more people than I can count break down as they recounted their experience and mourned their lost little ones.


2 thoughts on “Some women are claiming that “abortion is beautiful.” Here is the truth.

  1. Unapologetically Pro Abortion says:

    abortion is indeed beautiful, and you should have been aborted you disgusting fuck. fuck you and fuck pro lifers. I will not choose life and many other women won’t either.

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