Canadian tax dollars pay for the CBC’s coverage on lockdown polyamory and kids’ shows on transphobia

By Jonathon Van Maren

If you are Canadian, your tax dollars pay for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC’s primary purpose appears to be plugging progressive causes, warning Canadians about the various phobias of social conservatives, and carefully combing the personal histories of aspiring conservative politicians. Occasionally, they feature documentaries such as Drag Kids, which sexualizes children but is permissible because it happens to be in vogue with LGBT trendsetters.

But in case you’re wondering why your hard-earned money should fund this sort of stuff, don’t worry—they also do cutting-edge investigative work. Consider, for example, the fantastic journalism that went into chasing down the stories of the sweet agonies of socially distancing throuples and separated harems. “Polyamory during a pandemic? It’s complicated,” reported Alex Migdal from CBC News in British Columbia. “With social circles tightened, people with multiple partners are forced to make difficult decisions.”

Polyamory is pretty complicated by definition, but Migdal does a bang-up job of telling the Bronte-like stories of various love pentagons as if this was perfectly normal, which one suspects the folks at the CBC hope it will soon be. Perhaps we’ll next be treated to stories about the arduous difficulties of heroic adulterers and the travails of cheating during lockdown. (The story of the UK’s top coronavirus advisor and lockdown promotor Dr. Neil Ferguson resigning after breaking his own rules to sleep with another man’s wife might provide a handy template for this. As you may be aware, the elites get to follow different rules.)

If that isn’t your thing, the CBC also produces content for your kids. In a June 12 episode of the CBC Kids News programme Recap, some kids discussed how ridiculous it was that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling dared to say that only women menstruate. Clearly, they noted, Rowling is both “dangerous” and “transphobic,” because there “are lots of us who menstruate who don’t identify as women.” This show, in case you were wondering, is targeted at children as young as six. It’s never too early to get indoctrinated.

Conservative politicians in Canada like to chuck out the idea of “defunding the CBC” as red meat to the sorts of folks who find all of that to be abhorrent, but none of them have thus far had the guts to do so. Stephen Harper frequently complained about the bias of the media, and since leaving the prime minister’s office has often blamed the media for his loss. Considering the fact that he was in a position to do something about the CBC and level the playing field for quite some time, it is hard to feel sorry for him. Nobody doubts that Scheer would have loved to gut the CBC, and nobody doubts that he wouldn’t have done so.

So it appears that we’re stuck with paying for stories about polyamory, creepy documentaries that sexualize children, and kids’ shows emphasizing that men also menstruate. What a country.

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