Police stand by as activists threaten to burn down UK church over pastor defending biblical view of sexuality

By Jonathon Van Maren

Pink News, an online LGBT “news” outlet, has been frequently called out by none other than gay commentator Douglas Murray as a trashy hate rag primarily focused on grievance-peddling. All of that is true, but the most obvious attribute of those writing for the site is an utter lack of self-awareness. On September 8, for example, they published an attack on 34-year-old Joshua Williamson of Newquay Baptist Church under the headline “Hateful preacher insists there’s no such thing as a gay Christian while thanking God for cancelling Pride.”

Williamson’s sin (and it’s important to note that these activists do believe in sin, they’ve just flipped the script) is a social media post noting that Cornwall Pride in the UK had been cancelled with the comment “Wonderful news!” When someone asked him why he’d posted this, he responded that “I don’t think sin should be celebrated,” later referring to the biblical books of John, James, and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. He also noted that at a prayer meeting, he and the attendees had prayed both that the event would be cancelled and that “the Lord would save the organisers. One prayer answered, now we wait for the second prayer to be answered.”


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