Is trans activist “Jessica” Yaniv trolling the LGBT movement?

By Jonathon Van Maren

If I were a trans activist, I would be very seriously considering the conspiracy theory that Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv was recruited, trained, and unleashed on Canadian women by the Religious Right.

After all, those warning about the inevitable consequences of embracing gender fluidity and the cultural acceptance of self-identification — both radical feminists and social conservatives — could not have invented a better example of their premises in action than Yaniv.

Jonathan Yaniv, who unconvincingly identifies as female and refers to himself as Jessica, has been rampaging about British Columbia for several years now, barging his way into various female-only establishments and then demanding that he — and in the case of the waxing salons, his genitals — get serviced. As a woman, you see. Which he is. Because he says so. Which, under Canadian law, means he is. Don’t laugh — it might not be legal.


2 thoughts on “Is trans activist “Jessica” Yaniv trolling the LGBT movement?

  1. Jessa C says:

    No idea about what is in her/his mind ?!?
    I usually have no doubt about what pronouns i have to use but with that person ….

    The only thing i think is that, all theses situations made by that person doesn’t help the community…

  2. Shlomo_Honkberg says:

    This is ridiculous the regressive left created an environment for someone like Jessica yaniv to become a real thing. And not just a real thing but something that isnt dismissed out of polite society immediately and then they have the audacity to call her an alt right troll becuase right wing media is the only one not ignoring the stupidity that the left has created.

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