Is Joe Biden…”normal”?

By Jonathon Van Maren

For the past four years, we’ve been hearing a lot about “norms.” President Donald J. Trump, we’re told, is an assault on our institutions. He’s trashing everything we hold dear. Blue Check Twitter constantly reminds us: “This isn’t normal!

Conversely, of course, Joe Biden is normal. He is a return to The Way Things Were. The Good Old Days. America As It Should Be. And he looks so elderly and nonthreatening, you might be tempted to believe him. He’s been in Washington for nearly a half-century, after all. How dangerous could he be? When he speaks, one gets the vague feeling that they’ve seen him in a Norman Rockwell.

The New Normal Is Lunacy

But this is where we need to define our terms. When progressives howl about how our times are not “normal,” I tend to agree with them. In five years, we’ve created hundreds of genders. We’re cutting the genitals off of children to help them switch from male to female or vice versa. We’re giving them drugs, too, so they can grow breasts and beards and all the rest. We’re giving them shots so that they don’t go through puberty.

We’ve not only redefined marriage, we’ve redefined gender. All boundaries are being torn down, even biological ones. Nature must bow before the Self, and America must transition along with her new eunuchs and mutilated children. Joe Biden hadn’t heard of transgenderism ten years ago, but now he’s dedicated to this Great Battle of Human Rights. In fact, now that you mention it, he remembers his dad telling him one time that transvestites were more normal than normal people.

The Revolution Already Happened

So to those saying that the last four years have not been “normal,” I’ve got news for you: Things haven’t been normal for quite some time, Skippy.



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