Dictionaries and National Geographic are changing to suit trans activists

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of the most consistently fascinating things about our ongoing gender revolution is the extent to which activists have successfully colonized institutions once considered more or less impervious to ideology. Most recently, there was the particularly egregious example of Webster’s Dictionary changing the definition of “sexual preference” in order to ensure that Senator Mazie Hirono didn’t beclown herself during the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings.

More broadly, I’ve noted frequently in this space that the media have now entirely adopted the terminology required of the transgender movement — “gender affirmation surgery” or “sex change surgery” vs. genital reconstruction to imitate the opposite sex; using the “preferred female pronouns” of male rapists and pedophiles, etc. If you control the language of the debate, you inevitably control the debate. Culturally speaking, trans activists have done an incredibly effective job of doing this.


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