Top LGBT lobby org asks Biden to clamp down on Christian colleges that adhere to biblical sexuality

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America’s largest and most powerful LGBT lobby organizations, is pushing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to target Christian educational institutions, demanding that a Biden Administration strip colleges that adhere to rules and positions opposing homosexuality of their accreditation. The HRC’s “Blueprint for Positive Change,” which offers 85 recommendations, proposes eliminating non-discrimination exemptions for religious colleges if they refuse to abandon the biblical position on marriage.

Al Mohler, a theologian and president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, sounded the alarm on the HRC’s push in an essay titled “A Direct Threat to Christian Education.” The laundry list demanded by the HRC, he notes, are fundamentally transformational. The HRC is demanding that the State Department “include a non-binary gender marker” on identification such as passports and form a panel to explore how the LGBT agenda can be classified as “inalienable rights” and how this agenda can be pushed in international relations.


5 thoughts on “Top LGBT lobby org asks Biden to clamp down on Christian colleges that adhere to biblical sexuality

  1. Jessa C. says:

    Another complicated subject.

    How make people full free to live their gender in a freedom place ? Do we need people to suggest us how we should live our live? Is it drive us in a right way or is it a wall we try to break ?

    Thats basically what our generation try to answer 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Pat says:

    I cant believe they are trying to change God’s Word it is written on the bible you know what I mean! If they wanna live a life where they think God is overlooking their sin go ahead. But dnt come trying to make christians change their family values and beliefs it’s a free country so have the right to believe what we want . God is coming soon!

  3. june van farowe says:

    The sad thing about Biden being our President now is that he does nothing when our media “stars” are saying that anyone who associated with our President can now be punished. True rhe Capitol insurrection was bad, but we are glad the offenders are being brought to justice. The night of or after, Antifa openly rioted at the democratic headquarters and no National guard was sent to Portland. No justice for those in Portland who want their city back.

    • Sam says:

      Oh, come on.

      This is not the same thing at one. The capital riot attempted to interfere in the operation of democracy and put the entire political leadership at risk. That is worthy of the national guard.

      Some malcontents at a non governmental city unhappy with the political party building? That has almost no effect on government.

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