NEW: Episode 1 of Humans of the Pro-Life Movement

My friends over at The Pro-Life Guys Podcast have launched a corollary project, Humans of the Pro-Life Movement. They’re planning to profile the men and women from every walk of life who have committed their time, talent, and treasure to saving babies. The first episode features a conversation between my colleague Pieter Bos and Katie Sommer. I’ve wanted to see a series like this for a long time–check it out!

One thought on “NEW: Episode 1 of Humans of the Pro-Life Movement

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Kenjoyed your podcast because it depicts real episodes on the sidewalk. Being a sidewalk counselor myself I’m open to any suggestions that I might glean. Prayer is also so important and effective during the time you’re out there as well as preparation. Please continue to share these lifesaving stories, here in the US, they are going to be needed with the next administration. Thank you and God bless your ministry.

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