Big Tech is coming for the pro-life movement

By Jonathon Van Maren

Big Tech is coming for pro-lifers, and it will not be long before we face a choice: either we can self-censor and modify our views, steering carefully between progressive pylons, or we can end up kicked off platforms accessible only to those with the correct perspectives. Progressives now have both power and pretext, and I have no doubt that they’ll use them both in spades.

This has been a long time coming. Twitter’s code of conduct already demands that users refrain from “deadnaming,” misgendering, or using the wrong pronouns—and Twitter is more than happy to permanently ban those who refuse to play along with gender ideology. If you call Caitlyn Bruce, you’re gone. Theoretically, you could be kicked off simply for stating a fact about Bruce before he was Caitlyn. It might not make sense, but them’s the rules.

Pro-life activists, perhaps because the anti-abortion cause has fared better than that of traditional marriage, have suffered less (although some) censorship on digital platforms when posting about abortion. I suspect that is about to change. Big Tech will be both eager to please progressive politicians in order to avoid government regulation as well as happy to have an excuse to get rid of those with unpopular views.


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